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20 incredible apps that will grow your real estate business for you

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Oct. 5, 2018.

More than the rest of the population, realtors rely on their mobile devices to get things done. Setting appointments and deadlines, tracking documents, getting new leads and following up with clients can all be managed out of the office with the right support. The latest Realtors Property Resource® 2018 REALTOR® Mobile Usage Report shows that over 85 percent of agents use their mobile device to work remotely. This number jumped 10 percent from the year before and is only likely to increase.

Here’s the RPR breakdown of what realtors are using their mobile devices to track on the daily:

  • Client communication – 93.6 percent
  • Housing research – 70.7 percent
  • Social media – 70.65 percent
  • Showings – 62 percent
  • Contact management – 60 percent
  • Financial calculations – 56 percent
  • Mileage and expenses – 50 percent
  • Photography – 49 percent
  • Videography – 26 percent
  • Presentations – 17 percent

Real estate is a field where remote work is on the rise, increasing from 39 percent in 2012 to 47 percent in 2016 according to a Gallup survey. Social media proves to be one of the top concerns for busy realtors, and mobile apps make it easy. You can read our Ultimate Real Estate Social Media Guide series Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to learn how to leverage your social presence and get more leads without having to buy. Then, read on to find out which other realtor-friendly apps can keep you digitally connected, make your day-to-day tasks easier, help you convert leads, and grow your business fast.

Need more time to follow up on leads? 20 apps automate everything

Agents in the RPR survey favored realtor-friendly apps like, Zillow, RPR, ShowingTime, Homesnap, and MLS apps above all others. Beyond the industry norms, check out this mega-list of helpful apps for realtors who want more ROI at their fingertips:

1. Analytics in your pocket app

best realtor apps

(iTunes, $8.99)

Who has time for analytics? No one. But if you’re a realtor set on boosting your business, it’s essential to know the numbers. With Pocket Analytics, you can get accurate statistics on who’s interacting with your personal brand by linking directly to your Google Analytics page, your Facebook page, and more. ($8.99)

2. Beautiful presentations app

Available for Mac and iPad, Flowvella lets you make beautiful presentations easily. You can create a storyboard of images, add live links, display PDFs, and share from YouTube or Vimeo (or upload your own). You can also share your entire presentation with a simple URL. How is this different from PowerPoint? PowerPoint is very 1992. The templates on this app are fresh, modern, and will show your peers that you stay current with industry trends at your next presentation. (Free)

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3. Blog from your phone app

It can be tough to remember to blog when you’re helping clients and taking care of paperwork all day. With Day One, you can easily snap a pic, write down some golden words, select a pretty typography and beautiful design, and you’ve got a post! The app automatically tracks dates, location, and weather status, and you can easily share the URL with your clients via email, text, and social media. (Free)

4. Brainstorming app

You’ve got a bunch of marketing ideas for your business, but let’s face it — it’s hard to get those together when you’ve got another busy day of submitting docs and showing homes. Evernote lets you keep track of the images and articles that inspire you and share your notes with your whole team. You can also create different notebooks so you can separate Spring Email Campaigns from Facebook Ads. (Free)

5. Daily productivity app

best realtor apps

(Google Play, Free)

Sure, winning isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. WinStreak is an app that helps you win at your day-to-day goals. Just set three business goals for each day of the week and try to beat your biggest competitor — yourself. Or get your whole team in on the app and host a competitive game each week with a small giveaway. (Free)

6. Get everyone in the loop app

In this competitive homebuying market, time matters. With DotLoop, you can communicate with your team and your client throughout the real estate process. Set up to-do lists that everyone can see, guide your clients through their documents, and use analytics to get insight on the success of your transactions. (Free)

7. Great local restaurants app

Move over, Yelp. Localeur pulls together restaurant, entertainment, and nightlife reviews from locals only so you can get a realistic idea of what it’s like to live in town. Sign up for your city and share your knowledge with prospective buyers who will be moving there for the first time. (Free)

8. Hey, this video is too large to send by email app

While cloud-based storage isn’t great for storing files with sensitive homebuyer information, DropBox is ideal for sharing high-quality photos and videos of open houses, floor plans, and more. Send a simple link to your clients, and they can view their future home from the comfort of their couch. (Free)

9. Instant electronic signature app

SignEasy lets you sign electronic documents anywhere and at any time. If you’re not on the electronic signature bandwagon yet, now is a good time. While not as robust as DocuSign, SignEasy is helpful to those who want to take care of a stack of documents quickly. Just think of how many signatures you could be getting out of the way while you stand idly in the checkout line. (Free)

10. Instant time-lapse app

best realtor apps

(iTunes, Free)

Take videos of your upcoming open houses to the next level with Hyperlapse, the app that lets you create your own stunning time-lapse videos with ease. Any video you create on Hyperlapse can be shared on Instagram. Amaze your clients with beautiful videos that show what the sunrise looks like at a home that’s currently for sale or how much fun a dog has playing around in the backyard. (Free)

11. Keep track of your showings app

How do you keep track of it all? Listings+ is a calendar made with real estate agents in mind. Within your agent dashboard, you can see it all at-a-glance: active listings, your daily schedule, and recently added events. You can sync this app with your Google calendar and your phone and send status updates to clients. There’s also a client dashboard so your seller clients can see all you do to get their home sold. ($0-$6.99/mo)

12. Photo album app

Steller is the app that will help you easily create unique photo albums of your open houses and share them to your social media accounts. What sets this apart from other photo album apps is its clean layout and emphasis on storytelling. Did you have a successful sale recently? Take pictures of your clients (with their permission), get pretty snapshots of their new home, and create an album to tell their story. (Free)

13. Pinterest and Instagram-worthy photos app

Pinterest and Instagram are a big deal if you’re a realtor. But while sharing everyone else’s beautiful photos will get you some traction, it won’t set you apart from others. Try Phonto, the app that lets you put text on photos. Take ordinary, everyday photos and transform them into inspirational snapshots that you can share on social media. (Free)

14. Scanner for your phone app

Evernote Scannable lets you instantly scan receipts, files, and more. It saves you from having to travel back to the office, helps you declutter, and provides instant piece of mind. (Free)

15. Sign this, it’s easy app

best realtor apps

(DocuSign, $10-$20/mo)

You may already be using DocuSign to securely sign paperwork and close deals. But if you aren’t, check out the upgraded options for realtors, which include National Association of REALTORS® branding and unlimited document signing. ($10-$20/mo)

16. Stream your open houses app

You may have already heard of Periscope, the live-streaming app that lets you see into the world of a skydiver, world travelers, and more. But the app also works well for real estate agents looking to provide busy clients who can’t attend an open house with a virtual open house of their own. (Free)

17. Team deadline app

Slack is a messaging app that keeps your whole team on track. With the app, which works on desktop and mobile, you can create project channels, easily drag-and-drop images and files, and chat with your team without having to move from where you are. It’s ideal for planning out open houses, events, marketing plans, and more. (Free)

18. Trips are so much easier now app

Getting ready for your next realtor conference? Spend less time worrying about where you left your plane itinerary and more time enjoying business cocktails with TripIt. All you have to do is forward your flight, car rental, hotel, and restaurant details to [email protected], and the app will make an itinerary that has everything you need. (Free)

19. Upgrade your open house sign-in sheet app

OpenHomePro lets you create an electronic sign-in sheet for your open houses. After the open house, the app will send everyone a follow-up email that has your contact info. You’ll receive a list of “hot leads,” a.k.a. clients who need an agent or clients who are ready to sell. (Free)

20. Virtual assistant app

best realtor apps

(iTunes, Free)

When you need an “award-winning personal assistant” to make your most hectic days more manageable, give 24me Smart Personal Assistant a download. Have a homebuyer event or open house coming up and forgot to buy snacks? The handy app uses voice recognition to control notes, tasks, and meetings. Jump into a conference call without having to dial in, convert your email to-dos into tasks, and share lists (even grocery lists) with your team or family. (Free)

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