Cornerstone Home Lending: Where Care Matters

Here at Cornerstone Home Lending, we have a strong reputation in our industry for caring about our customers. At a typical mortgage company, you’ll find that profits are the most important thing. But we know from experience that profits can only go so far.

For us, mortgage is about people. It’s important to us to know what our clients are really looking for so we can explore the loan scenarios that might work for them. Getting a home is a big financial decision. We want to be there every step of the way to help ensure that the loan process goes smoothly. We want our clients to enjoy their experience so much that they continue to return, year after year.

But a company like ours didn’t just happen. It started with the unique vision of our co-founders, Marc N. Laird and Judy Belanger.

We hate to toot our own horn, so we'll let our accomplishments speak for themselves. A full list of Cornerstone’s Awards and Honors can be found here.

Building Something Special

In 1978, Marc Laird and Judy Belanger were working in the mortgage industry in Houston when they discovered that they shared a unique vision: to create a mortgage company that wasn’t your typical, profit-first company that’s so familiar to all of us.

They wanted to create a mortgage company that cares about the customer in the present and in the years to come. But it wouldn’t be easy. It would take hard work and a whole lot of faith. It would be something much better and bigger than just the two of them could create on their own.

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A Shared Vision

In early 1984, Marc and Judy met for lunch every Wednesday to plan out what their dream mortgage company would look like. Fast-forward a few months later, and Marc and his wife were attending a church service when a hymn inspired Marc to name the company Cornerstone. It was just the right fit. Because a unique company with a unique vision needs a strong foundation.

Cornerstone believes that people have unique, God-given talents that should be used to make a difference in the lives of others. So our mission is to always find and hire the right people to use their God-given talents to transform lives through home lending. We carefully grow Cornerstone, one person at a time, while never deviating from our mission, vision, and non-negotiable core convictions.

The Cornerstone Mission: We exist to use and improve upon our God-given talents to make a positive difference to the lives of our team members, customers, shareholders, and the people who provide services to us.

"Work-family" Means More Here

Cornerstone Home Lending is now over a quarter of a century strong and our people (our family) continue to have a passion for excellence in everything we do. We have a caring heart for our customers and our team members, a refreshing difference that you have to experience to fully understand. Every team member makes a positive difference at Cornerstone. We call it The Cornerstone Difference.

Interested in joining our family? Here's what it takes to become a loan officer with Cornerstone Home Lending.

The Cornerstone Difference

Cornerstone Home Lending started with a dream and a simple business plan. Now, over two decades later, our service-oriented company has stayed true to one incredible purpose — to help our clients finance the home of their dreams.

  • We use home lending as a platform to make a difference — in the lives of our customers, our partners, and our work-family.
  • We treat all our customers like family, without exception.
  • We do things right the first time.
  • When we do make a mistake, we make things better right away.
  • We’ll sit down with you in a one-on-one consultation and continue to give you loan updates each step of the way.
  • We have plenty of loan programs to choose from to help you find the right fit.
  • We set reasonable expectations with the big-picture goal of meeting your closing date on time.
  • We’re changing the way mortgage is done by cutting through red tape and eliminating waste.
  • We provide a remarkable “Cornerstone experience,” with the ultimate speed, accuracy, and control in every mortgage transaction.
  • We take care of business quickly with in-house underwriting, processing, and funding.
  • We continue to recruit and train great talent; these skilled professionals are the loan officers who can help you select the right mortgage.
  • We support our loan officers with our fast turn-around time, our accessible executive management, and our in-house marketing team.
  • We offer a stellar Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll leave better off than when you met us.

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Why choose Cornerstone? Simple.

  • REPUTATION. Cornerstone Home Lending thrives on a “whatever it takes” attitude — and you can count on our commitment to your closing date.
  • EASE IN COMMUNICATION. Cornerstone Home Lending strives to communicate quickly and get all your questions answered on time.
  • BIG PICTURE PLANNING. Our trained loan officers focus on helping you to achieve your short- and-long-term goals, while also helping you to meet your payment and equity objectives.
  • RAISING THE BAR. We always shoot for excellent customer feedback and won’t be satisfied with less.

Really, don’t take our word for it. Our client testimonials speak volumes:

“My Loan Officer made me feel as though I wasn’t just another number at a mortgage company. Working with Cornerstone has been a true delight.”

– C. Montz

“They made me feel like I was their only customer.”

– Bobby F.

“I hear horror stories everyday about mortgage companies but Cornerstone did wonderful work. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

– B. Williams

“We just wanted to let you know that we deeply appreciated your good service of our mortgage needs. We came to you after having gone through two lenders, both of whom made promises they did not intend to keep. Good service is so hard to find these days. You stood out from the crowd because you choose to conduct business with honesty, integrity, competency and hard work. Thank you very much.”

– A. Pham & B. Wade

Questions, comments, or feedback for us? We’d love to talk. Contact us here to get in touch with a loan officer, or write a review on our Facebook page or our local Yelp page. We’re listening!

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