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13 super-clever organizing hacks to live by: Part 1

home organization ideas

Because a house isn’t a home until you’ve got everything in its place, and because the new year is one of the best times to get things in order, we’ve come up with a long but totally doable list of home organization ideas — just for you.

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A new year, a new you, and a newly organized home

Blame it on Marie Kondo — the Japanese organizing consultant and author whose 2014 book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing quickly became a viral sensation and #1 New York Times bestseller — but getting organized is suddenly on trend. Everyone’s doing it, everyone’s posting and pinning about it, and now you’re not going to be the odd man out when you want to stay in and clean out your closet on a Friday night.

Add to that the fact that January is a month ripe with New Year’s resolutions, and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm.

Get started

13 simple ways to get your home in order — in time for the new year

If you’re overwhelmed by the mountains of clutter and over-stuffed junk drawers you’ve given up on, these practical organizing tips are a great place to begin:



Living room

1. Glass candy jars


The easiest way to clean up your kids’ “traveling art studio” when company comes over.



2. Multifunctional bookshelf

Maria Morri/Flickr

Slap on a new coat of paint, and use your bookshelf as it was intended: to hold books, magazines, DVDs, and other knickknacks.



3. Wicker trunk


How about a good-looking trunk to hold all the odds and ends (and toys) you have to clean up before bed?




4. Fabric basket


An easy way to gather up all those books shoved under you and your kids’ beds.



5. Bedside caddy

(Etsy, $22)

Now you’ll never lose your phone or your Kindle in your covers again. (Etsy, $22)



6. Upcycled bookshelf


Got an old bookshelf lying around? Now you’ve got yourself a super-convenient (and super-roomy) closet shoe rack.

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7. Wall-mounted chains


Attaching a few gold chains to the wall isn’t just a great decorating move — it’ll keep all your accessories visible and untangled.



8. Wall-mounted jewelry


Tacks or nails can turn your wall into a bejeweled work of art (and completely clear up your vanity).




9. Corner shelves


A stylish and free-standing corner shelf rack could solve all your crowded bathroom problems.



10. Wicker basket


An adorable basket is a quick and cheap fix to tame that bathroom junk drawer filled with old nail polish.

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11. PVC pipe mounts


With the help of a drill, now you’re looking at a magically clear bathroom countertop.




12. Hanging measuring cups


Because we’ve all misplaced that 1/3 cup way too many times.



13. Hanging spice rack


Try hanging spices on your pantry door so that they’re easy to get to.

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