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13 more organizing hacks that will make life a lot easier: Part 2

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Almost all homeowners are looking for some help when it comes to cleaning, clearing, and organizing.

Make home organizing work for you (these hacks are pretty realistic)

As we here at Cornerstone Home Lending believe, something as simple as tidying up your house and getting rid of items you no longer need can leave a lot more room for you to expand and grow in the year to come. Princeton University Neuroscience Institute researchers discovered that a cluttered environment can make it harder to focus and process information. It can also increase stress, according to UCLA researchers.

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13 more organizing hacks that’ll probably change your life

If you missed our first installment of next-level home organizing and home storage solutions, you can check out Part 1 here.

Or, read on to get your home in tip-top shape by organizing every darn room in your house:



Kitchen con’t.

1. Hanging frozen foods


Binder clips will keep all of your half-open frozen foods lined up on your freezer rack.

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2. Open shelves


Putting up a few shelves adds a lot of space to a small kitchen — and makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.



3. Pantry labels


Tackle the big job of organizing and labeling your pantry on a cold winter’s day when you’ve got nothing else to do, and you’ll be thanking your past self all year long.



Laundry room

4. Repurposed creamer bottles


Old coffee creamer bottles repurposed and relabeled for all of your laundry room cleaning products? This one’s a stroke of genius.



5. Spare change buckets


Exactly what you need as you fish through your family’s pockets while separating laundry.



6. Lost sock board

(Etsy, $25)

The lost sock graveyard has never looked so chic. (Etsy, $25)




7. Craft box

(Etsy, $50)

Use a new or used craft box to sort the nuts, bolts, drill bits, measuring tape, fishing lures, and anything else tangled up in your toolbox. (Etsy, $50)



8. Magnetic strip


A mounted magnetic strip will keep all the smaller tools organized and easy to get to.



9. Handmade tool shelves


If you’re handy with tools, you can make your own spacious tool shelf to house all your gear.




10. Matching sheets and pillowcases


Your linen closet will thank you.

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11. Wall junk board


Transform any overflowing junk drawer into an easily visible catch-all clipboard on the wall.



12. In-car garbage can


Turning an old plastic cereal container into a garbage can for your car is a brilliant move, especially if you have kids.



13. Out with the old


Touché. When in doubt, donate or repurpose items that you no longer need or sell them for profit on Craigslist or Varagesale. Remember, organizing is all about taming the chaos and making more room for you and your family.

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