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Free Valentine’s Day printables that are too cute to pass up

free valentine printables
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Feb. 11, 2017.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a Valentine’s Day freebie. Especially when you look at the bigger picture. The National Retail Federation projected that last year’s Valentine’s Day spend would exceed $19 billion. This means that a whole heck of a lot of us (54.8 percent consumers, to be exact) participated in the holiday by buying a gift. The average person was expected to spend $146.84 on jewelry, candy, flowers, or apparel, up from the previous year.

Even a run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day card is going to cost you about $5 these days. Which is why we’re in support of telling someone how much you care in ways that are priceless (read: free). Sure, you could splurge on a romantic, impromptu trip to Valentine, Texas (population: 126). Or you could rethink our nation’s custom of Valentine’s gift-giving and put together something that comes from the heart.

Kids make adorable homemade Valentines, and adults can too. In the spirit of giving freely, we’ve created these free Valentine printables for you to download, print out, and use as you please.

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Free Valentine’s Day printables supplies

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Free Valentine’s Day printables tutorial

Get started

Here are four awesome ways you can use these to surprise your Valentine on the big day:

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free valentine printables
Make brunch in bed and add one of these tabletop cards to your trays.




free valentine printables











In the afternoon, pick up a latte and add one of these coffee cup wrappers.




free valentine printables
After you go out to dinner, make a quick dessert at home and add one of these tags to your coffee cup handle.




free valentine printables
Surprise your Valentine with small presents/treats throughout the day. Pair one of these cards with your early morning gift – a chocolate croissant and coffee!



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