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Free Valentine’s Day printables your coworkers are going to love

free Valentine's Day cards
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There are a few reasons you might want to send a Valentine to your main man (or woman) in the office. Reason #1: You’re having a Jim and Pam-type connection that’s badly in need of a reckoning. Or reason #2: You’ve been reading up on the research about how workplace happiness can impact productivity.

It’s true. University of Warwick researchers had something interesting to say about this subtle-yet-solid connection in a study conducted in 2014. In a nutshell, happiness can make people more productive at work. When more than 700 participants were analyzed, happiness was shown to improve workplace productivity by up to 12 percent. After those in the study were shown funny movies or given treats, including chocolate and drinks, they got happier. And then they worked harder. Feeling an emotional connection to your job can also improve psychological wellbeing, as Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment researchers noted in 2015.

It’s not a stretch to say that giving a special work friend a personalized Valentine could not only brighten their day but improve the energy in your office. Hey, the research says so. Try giving out treats to your work buddies with these work-appropriate and totally free Valentine’s Day cards!

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We have a pretty awesome design team that whips out fabulous things on the regular. We’ve created these printables for you to download, print out, and use as you please.

Free Valentine’s Day cards supplies

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Free Valentine’s Day cards tutorial

Get started

Here are five awesome ways you can use these to surprise your Valentine on the big day:


free Valentine's Day cards
Buy a dozen donuts and leave this sign to say thank you to everyone, all at once.




free Valentine's Day cards
Leave this cute desktop tent on their keyboard before they get to work in the morning.




free Valentine's Day cards
Wrap a small treat (candy or a cupcake) with one of these adorable signs.




free Valentine's Day cards
Tie one of these tags to their afternoon coffee cup when they’re not looking.




free Valentine's Day cards
Surprise your work bestie with a drive-thru latte and one of these coffee cup sleeves.



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Love these designs, but want some for the one you love at home? Check out our Valentine’s Day printables here.

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