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12 amazingly easy gift wrapping ideas for the holidays

gift wrapping tips
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With these quick and easy ideas, you’ll be more excited to give gifts than to receive them this year. Don’t forget your essentials — double stick tape, scissors, and a hard surface for wrinkle-free wrapping.

12 ways to take the average Christmas gift to the next level

May your gifts look adorable:


1. Stamp rustic brown paper in silver with holiday images like Christmas trees, snowmen, stockings, and more.

gift wrapping tips

2. Adorn your gift with a bow of unusual material, like velvet, handmade paper, or felt.

gift wrapping tips

3. Take plain gift wrapping paper to the next level by adding your favorite holiday quotes with a metallic paint pen.

gift wrapping tips

4. Wrap your gift in vintage lace and a big, satin ribbon.

gift wrapping tips

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5. Add a fun, personalized ornament to your gift – it doubles as an extra gift!

gift wrapping tips
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6. Add a giant candy cane or lollipop to make a sweet statement.

Gift wrapping tips

7. Rustic is in — pine cones, some cinnamon, and a sprig of pine will look lovely and will carry the spirit of the season.

gift wrapping tips
Flickr/Silvia Sala

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8. Cut out a fun family photo into the shape of an ornament and make it into a gift tag.

Gift wrapping tips

9. Print out scenes from your favorite Christmas movies, cut them into squares, and use them to decorate your gift wrap.

Gift wrapping tips

10. Take an old book with beautiful script and use the paper as gift wrap.

Gift wrapping tips

11. Cut out the images from a children’s Christmas book and arrange them in a beautiful collage for a unique card.

Gift wrapping tips

12. Print out old family photos and make them into gift tags that double as a card.

Gift wrapping tips

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