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Father’s Day Hooked on Daddy DIY: Adorable handprint art for Dad

handprint art for dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner — for that special man in your life, whether it’s your dad or dads, your stepdad, your grandfather, your uncle, or your husband. If the holiday slipped your mind, we’re not here to judge. It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, we have a last-minute, personalized gift tutorial that might save your Father’s Day. This DIY handprint art for Dad involves the kids and can be made in under 10 minutes.

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Father’s Day gift ideas aside, this is the one special day when you get the opportunity to really thank the fathers in your life from the bottom of your heart. Whether traditional or not, we know dads make a big imprint on us. A 2012 study even suggested that a father’s love could impact a child’s development as much or sometimes more than a mother’s. Based on a half-century of international research, scientists from the University of Connecticut concluded that a father’s love may be one of the greatest influences on a child’s personality. Dad who take on household chores may be the strongest predictor of their daughters’ career goals. And those dutiful dads who read bedtime stories are the ones who play a part in raising successful kids.

Talk about unsung heroes. For the dads who do it all without asking for much credit, this sweet DIY painting is for you.

How to make handprint art for Dad: Supplies

  • Canvas, any size
  • Paints, assorted colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Permanent marker, any color
  • Baby wipes

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How to make handprint art for Dad: Tutorial

This Father’s Day gift project is entirely kid-centric, so make sure you grab your little ones to help. Younger children may need help painting the painting, placing the handprint, and writing the text. With some guidance, older children should be able to master the project by themselves.

Here’s where to begin:

Get started

1. Gather your supplies. You can get a white canvas at your local craft store, or order a 10-pack on Amazon to use for several projects.

(Amazon, $16)

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2. Start with the bottom half of the canvas first. Encourage your kids to get creative and paint blue for the ocean, then overlap with green stripes for seaweed.

Image: Bethany Ramos


3. Now, the fun stuff — have each child choose their favorite color and make a handprint on the blue ocean water, facing horizontally like the body of a fish. Use baby wipes to clean up hands as needed. Paint a black line that hooks into each fish handprint.

Image: Bethany Ramos


4. Use a permanent marker or fine-tipped paintbrush to write your special message on the white space above. “We’re hooked on Daddy!” or “We fish you a Happy Father’s Day!”

Image: Bethany Ramos


5. Present this precious gift to the dad in your life on Father’s Day. Watch his heart break into a million tiny little pieces. Hang it on the wall in plain sight so he’ll never forget how loved he is.

Image: Bethany Ramos

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