halloween cookie recipes

13 scary-simple 3-ingredient Halloween cookie recipes

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Halloween candy is a given. But you can surprise the costumed kids (and adults) in your life this year by forgoing the store-bought treats and whipping up some simple goodies for a class party or family gathering. Made with only three ingredients, these Halloween cookie recipes seem too good to be true, but we promise they’re not. We even included a few healthy Halloween cookies in our roundup to keep things nutritious and interesting.

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Our 13 favorite 3-ingredient Halloween cookies are frightfully good

Cookies will make you the most popular ghoul at the Halloween party, but we concede you’re probably going to have to buy at least some Halloween candy for the little superheroes and minions who come by your door. Last year, Influenster HQ conducted a nationwide survey on 40,000 people to finally settle the Halloween candy debate. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups won out as the most popular candy in the U.S., though preferences varied by state. Believe it or not, candy corn still ranks as number one in states like Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, Oregon, and South Carolina. Californians have a thing for Lifesavers, while Washingtonians love their Airheads. You can find the state-by-state breakdown here.

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This Halloween, we’re wishing you a stress-free holiday with many more treats than tricks. These extra-easy 3-ingredient cookie recipes are a great place to begin:

  1. Bloody hatchets

Halloween cookie recipes

A Love A Fare

You can’t ask for much more than a creepy treat that’s good enough to eat. The edible blood on the cookies is made using red food coloring — easy.

  1. Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

Halloween cookie recipes

Somewhat Simple

Thank a box of spice cake mix for making the simplicity of this festive fall recipe possible.

  1. Chocolate peanut butter fudge

Halloween cookie recipes

This Is Not Diet Food

The fudgy combination of cream cheese frosting and peanut butter is spooktacularly addicting.

  1. Chocolate pumpkin kiss cookies

Halloween cookie recipes

I Heart Naptime

Finally, a solution for all the extra Hershey’s kisses no one seems keen on eating. Put them in the center of a devil’s food cake cookie (so apropos) and serve them to your guests.

  1. Cookies n’ cream mummy bark

Halloween cookie recipes

Crème de la Crumb

School-age kiddos are going to love this tricky treat. Spooky mummy bark “cookies” made with Oreos, white chocolate chips, and candy eyes for effect.

  1. Ghost meringues

Halloween cookie recipes

Smart School House

These ghost meringue cookies whipped from egg whites are as tasty as they are eerie.

  1. Healthy pumpkin cookies

Halloween cookie recipes

The Big Man’s World

If you’re watching what you’re eating, you can still have your Halloween treat and eat it too. Try healthy pumpkin cookies made from fresh pumpkin, gluten-free quick oats, and a sugar substitute.

  1. M&M cookies

Halloween cookie recipes

Yummy Healthy Easy

Why mess with a good thing? Put candy into a cookie made from box cake mix, and everybody wins.

  1. No-bake pumpkin truffles

Halloween cookie recipes

Club Chica Circle

Because the last thing you want is to be slaving over a hot oven as trick-or-treaters line up at your door: These no-bake pumpkin truffles are easy to make ahead.

  1. Skeleton bones

Halloween cookie recipes

Penny Pinchin Mom

Spooky skeleton bones (on the spectrum of Halloween cookies) are made from pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows. These cadaverous treats can be used as a decorative centerpiece — though we predict they’ll be gone in minutes.

  1. Vegan bloody cups

Halloween cookie recipes

Elephantastic Vegan

This Halloween cookie interpretation includes the only type of blood that is vegan-friendly: faux blood made from frozen raspberries, wrapped up in yummy vegan baking chocolate.

  1. Candy corn “cookies”

Halloween cookie recipes

Armelle Blog

There are still plenty of people who prefer what might be the most controversial Halloween candy of all time. (Oregonians and Texans, we’re looking at you.) These rare birds might get a kick out of a ridiculously easy take on a Halloween cookie: candy corn pressed into a Hershey’s Kiss atop a pretzel.

  1. Pumpkin dog “cookies”

Halloween cookie recipes

Vanessa Baked

Keep dogs away from the (highly toxic) Halloween candy by baking them their own autumnal treats made from puréed pumpkin.

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