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QUIZ: Where should you buy a house based on your favorite food?

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What are the best places to live for foodies? Take our quiz.

What would you eat for breakfast?

What would you eat for lunch?

What would you eat for snack?

What would you eat for an appetizer?

What would you drink?

What would you eat for dinner?

What would you eat for dessert?

Score 7-12: Austin.

best places to live

Foodies flock to Austin, and you would be in hog heaven if you made this South Texas city your home. Austin is known for its live music and eclectic food culture. Start your morning with breakfast tacos and end your evening with churros on a stick, both served at restaurants or from food trucks.

Score 13-18: New Orleans.

best places to live

Your palate matches perfectly with the city of New Orleans. New Orleans has a rich history that can be best evidenced in its flavorful food. Po’ Boys and Oysters Rockefeller are N’awlins food staples. Locals say you haven’t truly experienced the city until you try an Acadian-inspired beignet.

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Score 19-24: Atlanta.

best places to live

You’re a prime foodie match with Atlanta, a city where southern and urban cuisines meet. Fried chicken and waffles are given — preferably from Gladys Knight’s downtown restaurant. And speaking of chicken, Vietnamese-style chicken wings are another A-town favorite.

Score 25-29: New York City.

best places to live

Consider making your home in New York City if you like to start your day with bagels and lox and end it with New York style cheesecake. New York City is a melting pot, reflected in an almost unlimited array of food styles and trends. Known for its thin-crust pizza, the Big Apple also celebrates classics like the Manhattan and the Waldorf salad.

Score 30-35: L.A.

best places to live

Welcome to L.A., where you’ll be right at home if you prefer next-level doughnut creations along with vegan cupcakes. The L.A. food scene is thriving, and like Austin, food trucks in the city are a pretty big deal. Carnivores and vegans coexist here nicely; the city is known for its gourmet burgers and resides in the home state of In-N-Out.

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Score 36-42: Boulder.

best places to live

If you like craft beers and green chili, then Boulder may be your next place. Boulder has been called one of the “secret” foodie cities, nestled up in the mountains just northwest of Denver. Restaurants are serving foods that are fresh and local, whether it’s free-range eggs or a burger made from antibiotic-free, pasture-raised lamb.

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