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First-time homebuyer tips: 12 DIY ways to give your decor a fall makeover

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If you’ve just moved into your new home before the fall season, we envy you. (And if you still haven’t unpacked and decorated from your move months ago, you can get in on the fun.)

Fall is fanatically celebrated by many because it gives us much-needed relief from the heat – and so much to do. When fall’s in the air, you know you’re going to keep busy. It’s a time with almost limitless options for food, crafts, decorations, and family activities. Take on one of these DIY projects on a chilly afternoon, and you can make your new home feel warm and festive by bringing elements of the outside in.

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12 fall-tastic decor updates to make you new house a home

Fun fact: As the temperatures drop, and the cold weather blows in, you might find yourself itching to tackle a project. According to a 2012 Harvard Business School study, on those days when the weather outside is blustery or otherwise uncooperative, your productivity can improve. As a new homeowner, you can use this to your advantage.

Scratch that productive itch and get your new house ready for fall by making a few simple decor changes. Start here:

  1. Fall roses

cheap fall decorations


You might not believe how easy these fall leaf roses are to make if we told you. And they look just as gorgeous as the real thing. Find the full tutorial here.

  1. Floral wreath

cheap fall decorations


Even after you move into your new home, curb appeal still matters. Spruce up your front door with a DIY wreath made of fall flowers from the dollar store or craft store.

  1. Festive mantelpiece

cheap fall decorations


If you do one thing to get your house ready for fall, let it be this. Arrange your best decorations on your mantel to draw attention to the warmth of the fireplace and turn it into the room’s main attraction.

  1. Front porch planter

cheap fall decorations


There are plenty of ways to transform fall pumpkins and planters into a front porch masterpiece. You can even paint plastic containers to look like carved pumpkin planters, as you’ll see in this tutorial.

  1. Hand-painted signs

cheap fall decorations


Buy them on Etsy or make your own, if you have a steady hand and are good at calligraphy. Either way, personalized signage is the kind of timeless decor you can keep pulling out year after year.

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  1. Leaf luminaries

cheap fall decorations

Kids Craft Room/Facebook

Make your inner Martha proud. This is a genius decorating project that looks a lot more complicated —  and expensive — than it is. No glue required.

  1. Painted acorns

cheap fall decorations


Fall is nothing if not a time to make the most of what Mother Nature gave us. Use this simplified tutorial to paint the acorns you gather and display them in a Mason jar.

  1. Preserved pumpkins

cheap fall decorations


To prevent that “rotting pumpkin on the porch” problem, coat your gourds with floor cleaner and keep them on display all season.

  1. Scented candles

cheap fall decorations

(Etsy, $6)

Because a new home isn’t truly fall-ready until it smells like maple. (Or pumpkin. Or cinnamon. Or caramel apple.)

  1. Super-simple centerpiece

cheap fall decorations


Pin this one for Thanksgiving or your next family gathering. Place any combination of mini pumpkins, acorns, leaves, and branches in a wooden bowl on the table and call it a day.

We have more fall decorating ideas where these came from. Follow us on Pinterest for fall inspiration.

  1. Upcycled vases

cheap fall decorations

The Feathered Mamma/Facebook

You knew you were saving those old wine bottles for something. Paint them in fall colors, add decorations, and use chalkboard paint to create customizable place settings or vases.

  1. Wine cork pumpkin

cheap fall decorations


With those nightly glasses of red wine comes dozens of wine corks. Save them for a rainy fall day, when you can get out your hot glue gun and some twine to make this pumpkin.

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