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Steal these: 7 stellar engagement ideas for remote workers

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Right now, working from home is one of the most effective ways to keep the workforce safe, wherever it’s possible. For many businesses that don’t have virtual team members already, this transition is a curveball. Integrating a few fun and fresh engagement strategies can help address isolation and make this time of change a little smoother.

Stay connected to remote workers in 7 different ways

We’re all adjusting. But using one or more of these engagement ideas can help remote team members feel valued and not forgotten:

1. Themed photo emails.

employee engagement ideas for remote workers
“Llama help you with your home loan.”

Thank goodness for technology: Not only does it enable us to work remotely during a time when social distancing is needed, but it makes it easy to loop team members into fun photo-themed email threads. Simple as it seems, sending out a daily email requesting themed pics — for crazy hair, weird socks, and more — gives staff something to look forward to.

2. Weekly challenges.

To up the ante, viral social media challenges are a great place to find inspiration. Make a clever hashtag that includes your company’s name and ask team members to post photos of their workspace. Use an app like TikTok to host a dance-off. Request a #TBT of the funniest pictures team members have ever posted. Don’t forget to name the winner.

3. Daily activity goals.

Exercise, for both seasoned and new remote workers, can break up a monotonous day and quite literally save your sanity. Experts say it’s safe to get outdoors, as long as you’re practicing social distancing. So, think about sending out a classic step challenge for remote teams who may benefit from some outdoor activity. There are also plenty of ways to get physical indoors: Email links to YouTube or a free app, challenging team members to 30 minutes a day of yoga, barre, or boot camp.

Fast, friendly, remote, and easy. Our borrowers can still get the same speedy mortgage processing and exceptional service without having to meet face-to-face.

4. Zoom meetings.

employee engagement ideas for remote workers

Now’s an opportunity to embrace “face time” for your virtual meetings, if you haven’t yet. Audio-only conference calls can be comfortable and convenient. But while there could be a slight learning curve, remote workers may feel less isolated when they’re seen and heard through video. Team members who don’t have webcams set up can join a Zoom meeting via smartphone. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to do it.

5. Snail mail.

Actions speak louder than words and taking the extra steps to send out a handwritten card or token of appreciation can go a long way toward keeping remote workers connected. Big-time execs like Sheryl Sandberg say team members respond well to honesty and authenticity — which might even include crying, where appropriate. Mail heartfelt thanks and words of encouragement during this time to remind staff that we’re all working together, even while distant.

6. Individual recognition.

To keep remote workers’ spirits high, it’s critical to maintain a culture that rewards talent and gives credit where it’s due. Create or revive an internal campaign that let’s team members “tell on” each other’s good deeds, acknowledging attributes like responsive communication, positive attitudes, and forward-thinking. Make sure all accomplishments are circulated via email. Company-wide appreciation can give hard-working remote team members a goal point and some added motivation.

7. Playtime.

employee engagement ideas for remote workers

While working at home provides more flexibility, the lack of boundaries can impinge on work-life balance. Don’t let it. Remind team members of the importance of taking breaks, scheduling rest, and making time for play. There’s currently a wealth of complimentary online resources being circulated. Suggest remote workers self-soothe with some frivolous enjoyment: Audible is offering free stories for “kids of all ages” while schools are closed; musicians like John Legend are using Instagram Live to stream free concerts.

Keep calm and make mortgage meaningful

At times like these, it can really help to reflect on our company’s purpose: to transform individual lives through lending. Take heart that we’re all adapting to these changes together, still working to make homebuyer’s dreams come true. Whether you need more WFH support, questions answered, or just to hear a friendly voice, our team is always here for you.

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