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First-time homebuyer QUIZ: Are you too picky?

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Jan. 20, 2018.

A homebuyer who knows what they want isn’t a bad thing. Take our quiz to find out if your dream house wish list is holding you back.

How many 'dealbreaker' items do you have on your housing wish list?

Are you open to renovation?

Do you know how much house you can afford to buy?

How long have you been house-hunting with a realtor?

Are you willing to look at different neighborhoods near your desired area?

Will you sacrifice square footage for a house in your price range?

What do you do if you don't like a house during a showing?

What's your biggest turnoff during a showing?

How many people do you bring with you to a showing?

How many times do you need to see a house before you're ready to buy it?

Are you willing to stretch your budget to find a house that meets your criteria?

How quickly do you expect to close on a house?

Score: 12-19 – Too picky.

There’s no shame in knowing what you want in a home and asking for it. In fact, it’s encouraged. But a homebuyer who won’t budge on their “must-have” list may find it harder to purchase a house in their price range. Priorities are important, and flexibility is the icing on the cake. Your realtor or your lender will be happy to provide you with a gentle reality check, as needed, to help you determine if your buyer’s wish list is realistic.

If you want to how much house you can afford, get prequalified for a mortgage first. Start here: It’s free, it’s fast, it’s easy.

Score: 20-27 – Too lax.

Being laid-back will get you far in life — and may make you more friends than enemies. But choosing not to rock the boat can also lead you into a housing contract you and your family may not be satisfied with. You may find yourself compromising on some attractive features just to find a home in your price range, like an open floor plan or a backyard deck. Or you might take on a fixer-upper without understanding how much time and money may be required as an investment. Asking your realtor and your lender to help you establish some guidelines can make for a happier home purchase.

Because buying a house doesn’t have to be hard. Use our free LoanFly app to quickly prequalify for a mortgage and start searching for houses in your price range.

Score: 28-35 – Just right.

There’s too hot, and there’s too cold, and then there are homebuyers like you who are somewhere in between. For the most part, you find yourself making realistic choices when it comes to planning out your dream house — including how much you can afford, what areas you’re willing to live in, and what features you’ll compromise on. Along the way, consider your realtor and your loan officer your new best friends. They can offer advice when you’re stuck deciding between two homes and can give you insight into what to ask for at closing.

After you’ve found the house of your dreams, closing on time is a biggie. At Cornerstone Home Lending, we’ve put on-time closings at the top of our to-do list. You might say we want to get you into your new house even more than you do. Contact one of our loan officers to get started.

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