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Mortgage lender with a ‘servant’s heart’ sponsors client’s faith-based blog

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May 8, 2018.

When Coach Fred Crowell first became a Cornerstone Home Lending client in 2009, his homebuying experience, as he described it, was a “game-changer.” Immediately, Coach Crowell identified something distinct about our company. Something that set us apart from the many other mortgage lenders operating at the national level. Like Coach Crowell, we believe in treating people with integrity. It’s this principle that inspired the coach to start his NBC Camps for athletes in 1971 and his Words of Hope blog in 2015.

Where can you find a loan officer who treats you like a person and not a number? Cornerstone is lending in 38 states (and the District of Columbia).

Why Words of Hope? Cornerstone and Coach Crowell put care into action

The reason Marc Laird, CEO of Cornerstone Home Lending, chose to sponsor Coach Crowell’s Words of Hope blog is simple. For the past 30 years, Laird has set aside the focus on profits and “race for numbers” so commonly seen in the mortgage industry. Though it seemed counterintuitive to his competitors, Laird chose to focus instead on his borrowers and team members. It’s with this singular focus that Cornerstone has remained true to its Core Conviction for three decades and counting: lending with a servant’s heart.

Cornerstone’s company mission statement expands upon its Core Conviction:

  • Cornerstone loan officers are here to transform individual borrowers’ lives through home lending.

This is where Coach Crowell comes in. As a borrower, he saw first-hand the impact made when leadership and loan officers embrace servitude. Coach Crowell was most impressed by the effort his loan officer put into forming a personal relationship with him. Of his home-buying experience, Coach Crowell said, “Cornerstone Home Lending is one of the finest companies in the USA to help families finance their homes.”

For Laird, exploring the sponsorship of Coach Crowell’s faith-based blog Words of Hope came as a welcome opportunity. Laird and Coach Crowell share the perspective that an individual or company’s integrity and strength are measured by the relationships they develop.

“From the first meeting to our last, the people at Cornerstone walked us through each step, gave us guidance, and even ‘held our hand’ as closing time arrived. They explained everything, answered our questions, and made us feel like a valuable part of the home sale and purchase. AAAAAA+” – Click here to connect with a loan officer who treats you like a friend.

After the partnership was formed, Laird and Coach Crowell found they had more in common than they first realized. Integrity, it seemed, filtered into all areas of their lives — from their spiritual to their personal to their business relationships. Coach Crowell’s NBC Camps, which have trained hundreds of thousands of athletic campers in basketball, soccer, and volleyball, have operated for nearly 50 years by their NBC Motto: Nothing Beats Commitment. Likewise, Laird has led Cornerstone for almost 30 years in the company’s commitment. “Cornerstone uses team members’ unique, God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Today, Laird continues to lead by example. He devotes his time to serving his staff and making both his team members and his borrowers feel appreciated.

Over the years, Laird’s commitment to serving has been rewarded. Cornerstone Home Lending has been ranked as a Houston Chronicle top workplace for eight years in a row. For the past eight years, Laird has also regularly thanked his team members for their service and continued commitment to the company’s mission, vision, and convictions with monthly gift card drawings. In 2018, Cornerstone was ranked number 11 for Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work. Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, said that companies like Cornerstone set the bar in the Financial Services and Insurance sector. “[Cornerstone] proves that if you invest in your people, they will invest in you.”

“Cornerstone is a great company! I’ve worked for Cornerstone for 11 years. I look forward to being there many more. Marc Laird, the owner, is constantly giving back to the employees. This, to me, is rarely seen in a company this size.” – Join the Cornerstone Talent Network. Get updates about the latest job openings in our work-family.

Coach Crowell’s daily inspiration: ‘Gratitude wins every time’

fred crowell
NBC Camps are where Coach Crowell excels in physical training, and his Words of Hope bring a welcome balance. Coach Crowell first began his blog as a place to express his faith and values. The Words of Hope blog uses examples from Coach Crowell’s life and wisdom from his years spent coaching. Coach Crowell’s daily Words of Hope also provide a source of motivation amidst an often discouraging newsfeed.

On Crowell’s Words of Hope blog, sponsored by Cornerstone, you’ll find daily nuggets of encouragement, like:

  • “Gratitude wins every time.”
  • “Hard work is what we do with these gifts of talent, size, and health.”
  • “Have you ever stopped to consider how often trust is a common daily experience? Each time I fly on an airplane, I trust the pilot… I eat a meal in a restaurant, I trust the chef. Each time I push the ignition button on my car, I trust it will start.”
  • “The sacred place is key. A sacred place is where you make it to be. Some days, I light a candle. Some days, I go to the woods, a vast and private room.”
  • “This I do know. To live well, for me, to seize this very day — the first challenge is to win the moment. At this moment, I choose gratitude, thankfulness, joy, peace, patience, and love.”

Cornerstone is grateful to have the opportunity to sponsor the Words of Hope blog and spread this message through Coach Crowell’s daily reflections. Cornerstone’s commitment to integrity isn’t found only in its business partnerships. “We are making a positive difference that will continue beyond our lifetimes!” Laird says. You can find this heart of service in any one of our 100-plus offices lending in 40 states. Click here to connect with a loan officer who cares.

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