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Selling this spring? 12 ways to use Easter decor to attract buyers

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Spring means one thing: Homebuyers are hitting the market. Spring also brings major holidays like Easter, giving sellers the chance to decorate for the season and set themselves apart.

The past year has been unprecedented for the housing market. Mortgage rates reached new lows multiple times, and buyers took advantage of this surge in affordability by snapping up available houses. Rates have slowly started rise but still remain at historically low levels. Housing authorities like Freddie Mac predict a “strong spring sales season” ahead.

For sellers, this is an optimal time to list if you’re prepared to do so. Buyer activity remains high, and low inventory continues to pose a problem. So, your home is likely to be in demand. This year, the average house is receiving about 50-percent more attention than it did a year ago.

12 Easter-inspired home staging ideas your buyers will love

Want to move faster? According to sellers surveyed in the Real Estate Staging Association®’s 2020 Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging, a staged home typically sells sooner and at 5 to 23 percent above list price.

Use these home staging ideas to get your house in tune with the season:

1. Accent with pastel paint.

pastel paint


A pop of color has the power to instantly transform a room — and bring attention to a hidden space like a bathroom. Spring-friendly shades like pale blue and chalk white are listed among Martha’s most popular bathroom paint colors for 2021.

2. BYO bunnies.

sock bunny

Crafty Morning/Facebook

Adorable Easter bunnies are surprisingly easy to make in about a dozen different varieties. Choose a bunny craft and decorate strategically, taking care not to overdo it.

3. Feature floral art.

easter decor


Replace darker, moodier wall hangings with bright blooms — whether it’s something you order from Etsy, pick up at a yard sale, or make yourself by framing your favorite floral fabric.

4. Get garden planters.

home staging ideas
Updating your outdoor space can be as simple as planting annuals in your planters, garden, or window box, ranging to more in-depth professional jobs. Either way, just know buyers are looking, with standard lawn care and landscaping upgrades usually ranked among the top projects that help increase resale value.

5. Hang a DIY door wreath.

DIY wreath


Buy a brand-new Easter wreath, weave flowers into an old one, or make your own from scratch. The majority of realtors ask their sellers to amp up their curb appeal before listing, and we can see why.

It’s springtime, and the selling is easy. If you’re ready to move, prequalify.

6. Highlight hot features.

spring fireplace


Along with a patio and pool, fireplaces are still listed as a value-add amenity on a home’s appraisal report. So, if you’ve got it, flaunt it with a springtime banner or Easter-themed knickknacks.

7. Let there be fresh flowers (and light).

This one’s easy. Showcase your home by playing to the natural elements of the season: Pick or buy fresh flowers and brighten up rooms by opening windows to allow in plenty of light. Then try this cute and quick Peeps flower arrangement tutorial that you can knock out in a few minutes.

8. Mount wreaths on mirrors.

easter decor


Remember, less is more when it comes to home staging, so run this one by your realtor first. But should your living or dining room need an extra pop of color, consider adding a floral wreath (or two) to a mirror.

9. Put eggs in a vase.

easter vase


Simple as it sounds, Easter eggs make an “egg-cellent” centerpiece. (We couldn’t resist.) Executing home staging ideas like this in the kitchen is a smart move; kitchen staging is generally seen as important to homebuyers.

10. Revive your room.

room decor


Most buyers value master bedroom staging even above kitchen decor. Making minor updates can go a long way: Add new floral-patterned pillows, swap dark for light bedding, and replace wall hangings with festive sayings that relate to the season.

11. Set an outdoor table.

easter decor


With more emphasis placed on outdoor spaces after time spent in lockdown, it’s essential to highlight these unique features. If you have an eye-catching outdoor dining area, set the table for a cozy Easter brunch — and showcase it in your listing photos.

12. Switch to natural scents.

spring candle


Heavier candles that worked in the fall and winter aren’t going to make much sense in the fresher months of spring. Test out spring-scented candles before your first open house to make sure they’re not overpowering, leaning toward lighter fragrances like herbs, linen, carrot cake, and lemon. Or, make your own lavender candles for extra credit.

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*“Origination Insight Report.” ICE Mortgage Technology, Feb. 2021.

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