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QUIZ: What’s your dream house style?

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Take this quiz before you buy a new house.

What first strikes you in a home's curb appeal?

What's your dream city?

What's your ideal color scheme?

What's your preferred beverage?

Where's your happy place?

What's your favorite dog breed?

What do you eat for breakfast?

What's your interior decorating style?

Which flowers would you place on your table?

What's your favorite classic book?

Score 10-17: Contemporary Style.

Consider yourself a modern, trending, minimalist who prefers a life lived in the city. Think: exposed steel, distressed wood, and copper accents.

home style quiz

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Score 18-25: Bohemian Style.

Quaint and homey, you love living in an eclectic environment that you’ve put together by hand. Think: throw pillows, tribal tapestries, and vibrant patterns.

home style quiz

Score 26-34: Country Style.

You may be one who finds a thrill living in a restored farmhouse on your own land, with plenty of room for pets and family. Think: dried flowers, refurbished furniture, and large windows.

home style quiz

Score 35-43: Grecian Style.

You lean modern to old-school Mediterranean, take your pick; you’re happiest with a balmy breeze blowing through open windows close to the beach. Think: white or sand colors, sea shells in jars, fresh linens.

home style quiz

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Score 44-52: Retro Style.

Where Mad Men meets Brady Bunch, your aesthetic celebrates the designs of the 1960s and beyond. Think: refined lines, molded plastic, and natural shapes.

home style quiz

Score 53-60: Traditional Style.

Sophisticated with an eye for classic details, you prefer elements of decor that are timeless. Think: larger furniture, signature centerpieces, and framed works of art.

home style quiz

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