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12 real estate podcasts worth listening to on repeat

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There are over 43 million podcast episodes streaming.* So, if you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, just know we wish we were in your shoes again. Starting out for the first time, you’re going to have months, if not years, of good content to add to your queue.

This is especially true if you’re an agent. Real estate podcasts are being regularly released by housing industry experts and top-producers. With all that’s been going on in the market over the past year, clients are also tuning in. It can pay to stay up to speed.

Feeling stuck? These are the podcasts every agent should subscribe to

As an important note, you can listen to a podcast* almost anywhere. Here’s a great guide from Gimlet media that breaks down podcasting by platform so you can find the easiest way to search, access, and subscribe.

Once you’ve picked your platform, tune into one (or more) of these top real estate podcasts that can keep you educated and provide plenty of tools for growing your business:

1. Agent Rise.

Host Neil Mathweg, real estate coach and Madison, WI, agent, has been going strong for 100-plus episodes. Listen in and learn how to build your business via attraction versus cold-calling. All episodes are bite-sized — meaning, short and succinct, clocking in around 15 minutes. Mathweg covers how an agent can avoid overcomplicating, prevent burnout, boost business in 2021, and much more.

What listeners say: “Neil has great energy and really breaks his ideas down to bites you can handle. I have listened to all the episodes and have pages of notes and several I have listened to more than once.” – Khiggins85

2. BiggerPockets.

It’s one of the most popular podcasts in real estate. Hosts Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner, and David Greene conduct “off-the-cuff” (read: honest) interviews in their weekly show. Dorkin, a former agent; Turner, an experienced investor; and Greene, an author and agent, chat about topics like flipping houses, generating passive real estate income, and the latest happenings in today’s market.

What listeners say: “Changed my life at every level. I bought my first investment property, became a better real estate agent, and improved my marriage.” – damonbodine

3. Data Driven Real Estate.

In a newer podcast, ensuring each episode is fresh, hosts Aaron Norris and Sean O’Toole speak to real estate professionals about using market data to drive traffic. Exploring hyperlocal marketing and following investor trends are some of their hot topics. Norris and O’Toole, PropertyRadar VP and CEO, respectively, may provide the missing piece if data has yet to play a role in your marketing.

What listeners say: “My two most favorite guys. I love PropertyRadar so much. Thanks for putting this together.” – Sid

4. Real Estate Coaching Radio.

Tim and Julie Harris are the seasoned pros behind this podcast for brokers and agents. Their industry expertise abounds, and what they don’t know, they fill in with interviews from experts. Listen in to find out why most brokerages fail and which real estate scripts you can successfully use in today’s market. The coaching couple has produced over 100 episodes.

What listeners say: “Been listening to this for the past 3 years. By far, the best podcast out. Extremely grateful for the knowledge, truthfulness, and advice Tim and Julie provide.” – _Fed

5. Real Estate Rockstars.

If you recognize the name of bestselling real estate author Pat Hiban, you might enjoy his podcast. Catch up on a steady stream of biweekly episodes that’ll tackle what it takes for an agent to become — and to stay — successful. Think iBuyers, Airbnb, and how to stop buying leads. The podcast has over 4 million downloads, and as for his street cred, Hiban is a billion-dollar-selling agent.

What listeners say: “Pat — you have the best real estate podcast out there! Your content and guests give insightful tips and strategies that are good for the new agent or the seasoned agent!” – Al

6. Real Estate Today Radio.

Listening to NAR’s official podcast is always a smart move. Each episode is full of useful info for agents, as well as sellers and buyers. Keep an eye out for talks about when it’s a great time to sell, second homes, adapting to our new economy, and more. NAR Director of Broadcasting Stephen Gasque and REALTOR® Magazine Editor Melissa Dittmann Tracey are among the show hosts.

What listeners say: “Whether you are wondering about real estate in general or if you are thinking about buying or selling your own house, this podcast is a gold mine for tips and advice about the real estate market and how to navigate through it.” – LeFrenchie

7. Real Estate Uncensored.

This is where you’ll find actionable advice to pound the pavement. With over 100 episodes and three weekly live shows, you’ll have lots to catch up on, including feature interviews from top agents and insider insight into down payment assistance for first-time buyers and gaining hundreds of YouTube subscribers. Courtesy of hosts Matt Johnson, a real estate consultant, and Greg McDaniel, an agent.

What listeners say: “5-star podcast! As a newer real estate agent, I’ve been searching all over to find a podcast where I can just listen and learn while I have off time. This is definitely that podcast!” – SCValles 

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8. The Best Ever Real Estate Show with Joe Fairless.

When you’re in need of commercial real estate investing guidance, Joe Fairless delivers. Already a fixture on Facebook Live, Fairless’s podcast has around 2,000 episodes. His show also boasts the title of the “world’s longest-running, daily real estate investing podcast.” Look out for juicy topics like raising capital quickly and efficiently, online commercial real estate loans, and investing overseas.

What listeners say: “Great podcast, Joe! This show is a necessity for all realtors. I picked up many useful tips that I will use in the future on my own rental properties.” – Bruce 

9. The Daily Dispatch with Brad Inman.

For fans of the award-winning journalist behind Inman, Brad Inman, take a moment to subscribe to his podcast. As the name suggests, you can expect to hear daily tidbits on anything related to housing and real estate. Some of the latest hot topics include agent takeaways from COVID-19, remote notaries, and virtual brokerages. Helpful weigh-ins from industry experts are included.

What listeners say: “Love this podcast. Great to have access that I otherwise could not have, to ideas from the brightest minds and great leaders of real estate. A true gem.” – kerpan

10. The Tim Ferriss Show.

It’s won the iTunes annual “Best Of” three times, and it’s also frequently ranked as a number one business podcast. This is probably why: Ferriss, the bestselling author behind The 4-Hour Workweek and an investor in real estate, sits down with big guests like Lebron James, Brené Brown, and Arnold Schwarzenegger (who also touches on his real estate investments).

What listeners say: “There’s always at least one new meaningful and actionable thing any listener can learn from each episode. It’s a guarantee.” – sklXbns

11. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience.

Another highly popular real estate podcast, bestselling author Tom Ferry is worth giving a listen to. Tom has concentrated over 30 years of industry experience into more than 600 episodes and counting. Broadcasts on using video to connect to your community and acquiring a competitive edge are some standout favorites. Try to catch Ferry’s “This Week in Housing,” at the very least.

What listeners say: “I can’t thank Tom Ferry enough for what he has done to help me launch my agent business. Even more, I appreciate what he’s done to help encourage me when I’ve felt I couldn’t keep going on.” – Bonita1952

12. YES Talk For Real Estate Agents.

Here, host Kevin Ward takes on all things business, sales, and marketing in residential real estate. Expect to find no-nonsense tips on creating a captivating virtual listing presentation, achieving your annual goals, and even getting started as an agent. Ward, a well-known real estate coach and author, integrates self-improvement into marketing to ensure you walk away well-rounded.

What listeners say: There is no other podcast like this one! Kevin delivers excellent insight in each episode and usually does it in under 20 minutes. I recommend his show to new AND experienced agents.” – Abel

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