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There’s a new Luxury Dog House Loan homebuyers are going crazy for

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Apr. 1, 2019.

More homebuyers are ditching the pet deposits and the pet rent for a stable monthly payment and the chance to build home equity. These buyers have also started looking beyond the size of the backyard and into the new Luxury Dog House Loan to give their pet their own space.

Right now, more than 46 million millennials, equaling to 33 percent of the generation, are said to be “mortgage ready.” These millions of millennials may still be renting, but they most likely have the credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and financial qualifications that make them ready to buy. And once they do, becoming a homeowner could increase their net worth more than 40 times over.

Marriage ups the odds of a millennial becoming a homeowner by 17.9 percent, and so does having kids. But 87 percent of millennial homebuyers said they factored in their pets’ needs when it came time to buy. With a new dog house loan available to accommodate four-legged family members, we can see why.

Everything to know about the new Luxury Dog House Loan before you buy

Here’s how using a Luxury Dog House Loan can help you and your pet get more out of your new place:

luxury dog houses


1. Treat pets like part of the family.

This is a biggie for most pet owners — especially for those who are younger or who have children, according to’s 2018 online survey. The New Luxury Dog House Loan was created to give pets their own territory. Homebuyers can bundle the loan into their mortgage, and homeowners can do the same with a refinance, potentially lumping the cost of the dog house loan into other home renovations. Luxury dog houses may start at $6,000 on the low end up to over $30,000.

2. Pay less money down and use it for upgrades.

No down payment, no problem. Luxury Dog House Loans work with low- to no-down-payment mortgage programs like USDA, FHA, and VA loans, as well as down payment assistance. This helps keep the upfront cost of buying a primary home and a dog house minimal, and extra cash can be used for upgrades. Built-in feeding stations, temperature control, an attached dog run, and energy-efficient pet doors are all features dog lovers are looking for.

Want to make buying a house truly easy? Log in to your own Borrower Portal and start managing your home loan remotely.

3. Lock in a low rate during construction or delivery.

Just like you would when building your dream home, you could use a long-term rate lock on a dog house to cover interim construction time or while waiting for delivery. Rate locks for Luxury Dog Home Loans range from 120 to 270 days and offer a helpful way to shield a mortgage rate — reflected in your monthly payment — from typical market fluctuations.

4. Save money on pet costs over time.

Like your own home, buying a luxury dog house requires an upfront investment — and it’s also one that pays off over time. Pet deposits for renters are the norm, and while controversial, monthly pet rent that might cost you around $50 (per pet, per month) is also going mainstream. You’ll eliminate these costs by investing in your dog’s own, much-needed, place. And with features like pet showers and built-in washing stations, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on grooming.

5. Integrate your smart home system.

Renters becoming buyers want more space and a big backyard for kids and pets, and millions of soon-to-be homeowners are also interested in smart home capabilities. To get more bang for your buck, and more safety for your pet, you can sync smart home updates with most luxury dog houses to create one cohesive system. Think sensors, cameras, lighting, temperature, voice control, and more.

6. Up your home’s value for resale.

Perhaps the biggest reason to invest in separate, luxury quarters for your pet is the possibility of increasing your home’s value when it’s time to sell. Not only will you keep floor scratches and carpet stains out of the main house, but you’ll have a pretty major backyard upgrade that’ll draw pet lovers to your listing. The ROI for outdoor upgrades depend on the market and could bring anywhere from a 55 to 75-percent return.

Get into your fur-ever home in 10 days

Disclaimer: Happy April Fool’s! Unfortunately, luxury dog house loans are not a thing, but affordable home loans for pet owners still exist with plenty of options to fit your lifestyle. As a pet owner, you might appreciate that buying still beats renting: Use our Cost of Waiting Calculator to learn more. We also offer fast-track loan programs that can make the transition easier on your pet and get you home in just 10 days. Download our free Loanfly app to find out how much you can afford and start searching for pet-friendly houses.

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