chocolate pie recipe

It’s National Pie Day! 9 picture-perfect Instagram pies with easy recipes

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Jan. 23, 2018.

Celebrating a food holiday for no good reason? Sign us up, please. This year, National Pie Day (the food, not the number) falls on January 23, 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited.

According to the American Pie Council (APC) — a very real organization we fell in love with immediately — National Pie Day is a time to celebrate whatever you feel like celebrating, as long as it’s with pie. “The pie-sibilities are endless!” as the APC would say.

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Grab a plate: 9 National Pie Day recipes you can make tonight

We’ve gathered up our favorite, taste-worthy recipes in preparation for this fine holiday, but first, a story. The word “pie” has medieval Latin roots and is related to the word “piece.” (A piece of the pie — now it all makes sense!) While the pie concept spans many cultures, the continental Celts were known for making extra-large pies — squares, triangles, or folded circles — that were eventually condensed into hand-pies in a society where most food was eaten with fingers. Kind of like empanadas in Spain, turnovers in the UK, and the eventual breakfast cakes, hand-pies, or pocket-pies, made for easier eating.

The historical pie comes from one humble concept with almost limitless interpretations. Ring in National Pie Day with a pocket-pie that you can take with you anywhere, a potpie, a one-crusted pie, a two crusted-pie, or a tart.

You can also try one of the en-pie-cing recipes below:

1. Chocolate dream pie

chocolate pie recipe


Chocolate and cream make for an absolutely dreamy combination — hence, the name of this delectable dessert.

2. Cream cheese and dulce de leche apple pie

Chocolate pie recipe


A surprising twist on America’s favorite pie: Take a shortcut using store-bought piecrusts.

3. Gluten-free very berry galette

chocolate pie recipe


It’s gorgeous, it’s gluten-free and chock-full of berries, and it’s still technically a pie.

4. Lemon buttermilk pie

Chocolate pie recipe


Another classic your family will welcome at the table — despite its plain appearance, lemon buttermilk pie is a rich, custard-filled treat.

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5. Mixed berry pie

Chocolate pie recipe


A practically perfect pie that is light, refreshing, and requires just a few ingredients.

6. Orange chess pie

Chocolate pie recipe


Add this citrusy flavor combo to your “can’t-miss pie list.” The full vintage cookbook recipe is posted here on Instagram.

7. Rhubarb, cherry, and strawberry balsamic pie

Chocolate pie recipe


For anyone else who’s addicted to the strawberry-balsamic duo, this sweet and succulent springtime pie brings even more to the table.

8. Savory Chicken Kheema pie

Chocolate pie recipe


Because it wouldn’t be National Pie Day without a savory pie option to round it out: This third-generation Indian dish is a crowd favorite. Find the Instagram recipe here.

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9. Vegan sweet potato pie

Chocolate pie recipe


Today’s a celebratory day where vegans can have their pie and eat it too — especially vegans with a sweet tooth. It’s a pumpkin pie alternative you can enjoy any time of year. Click here for the Instagram recipe.

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