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6 moving tips your realtor really wants you to know

moving tips and checklists
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Aug. 10, 2018.

Buying a house is a daunting task, whether you’re moving for the first time or the fiftieth. Before you start looking for a house, however, there are a few things your real estate agent wants you to know. Take out your pen and paper, and remember these tips before becoming a house-hunter.

6 super-simple moving tips that will make your life easier

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1. Know your real estate agent actually cares.

moving tips and checklists
Yes, realtors work on commission, but they want you to find the home of your dreams as much as you do. A real estate agent wouldn’t put in the time and effort to show you homes that don’t match the important factors on your wishlist. It’s important to talk to your realtor about your budget, preferences, concerns, and most of all: your deal-breakers. While it might seem like you’re being picky, these are the important qualities that will help guide your agent to the house you’ve always wanted. Your realtor should be candid with you and tell you when your goals are too lofty.

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In the end, a happy client will make your real estate agent feel like they’re on top of the world — they might even want to celebrate with you after the purchase is made.


2. It’s normal to get discouraged.

moving tips and checklists
Not every house you see will be the perfect fit for you. Additionally, the “perfect” home for you might not be in your price range. While it’s unlikely that the first house you see will be the perfect match for you, continuing to view countless homes when you’re feeling down will get you nowhere. It’s normal to get down in the dumps when you’ve searched every home within a hundred mile radius; however, having too many options can be overwhelming. When you get into a house-hunting rut, take some time off from seeing houses to reassess what it is you truly need in a home. Just because the bathroom doesn’t come with a vanity mirror doesn’t mean you should count it out yet.

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3. Pack light.

moving tips and checklists
Moving house is the perfect time to get rid of stuff in your home that you don’t need. Packing can take an overwhelming amount of time if you don’t hire professional movers or have a bus full of family members to help out. Additionally, the number of items in your home should never make you feel like you have to give up on a perfect space for you; don’t feel like you need to sacrifice the perfect home if it won’t fit your eight-person dinner table. Unless you hold gatherings with many people three times a week, you can always downsize or use this as an excuse to ditch older furniture. Focus on the items that are important to you and try to sell or donate the other items.

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4. In fact, hold an estate sale.

moving tips and checklists
Holding an estate sale can be fun for the whole family! Between advertising for the event, creating a fun space to showcase your items, and making a few bucks in the process, this can be a welcome distraction in a time of stress. Not only will you get rid of the materials you don’t need, your neighbors and family members can throw you a buck or two — this can even help finance your move. Anything that isn’t sold can always be donated to people in need.

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5. Hire a mover.

moving tips and checklists
When you’ve finally picked the house of your dreams, hiring a quality mover will make your job much easier. Instead of stressing over how you’ll manage to fit all your fragile goods in the back seat of your car, utilizing a professionally trained moving company will ensure you’re getting the best in customer service and reliability. Not only will your goods stay safe, it will give you the time to focus on the important aspects of your move — namely, eating any leftover food in your fridge before it goes bad.

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6. Transfer your utilities before you move.

moving tips and checklists
There’s nothing worse than spending a hard day’s work moving into a new place only to find that your fridge can’t cool the few items of food you managed to bring with you. Before you make the big move, call your utilities to ensure you’ll have the proper functions up and running by the time you arrive. This can include internet, electric, gas, and especially garbage. Struggling to find local options after you move in will make the process seem rushed but taking the time to plan ahead might get you some deals as a first-time customer. Keep in mind that you should also change your mailing address as soon as you can!

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Keep in mind that your real estate agent is there for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions when you’re making one of the most important decisions of your life. They want you to succeed as much as you do.

Fred Craig owns Craig Van Lines, a provider of moving services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC for four generations.

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