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13 productivity apps that’ll make time-wasting a thing of the past

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June 26, 2018.

When you’ve got so much to do, it’s hard to keep track of it all. With these top productivity apps, “getting things done” will be right at your fingertips.

Feel better, work better: Standing boosts productivity

There’s an app for almost everything these days, and we thank the many techie innovators for that. But before you sit down and get to downloading to make your workday easier, consider tackling your workload standing up.

Recently, standing desks have become popular in offices and in schools, for good reason. Texas A&M University researchers discovered in 2016 that not only do these versatile desks support calorie burning while reducing the risk of obesity, but they can help to increase productivity. In schools, students using standing desks have seen improvements in their attention and cognitive function. In workplaces, adults using standing desks have seen changes to their productivity. After examining two groups of call center workers over six months, researchers found that those who used workstations with standing capabilities were roughly 46 percent more productive than those sitting at traditional desks.

If your office has a wellness program, all the better. In 2017, University of California Riverside researchers also learned that corporate wellness programs benefit both companies and team members by improving productivity. Corporate wellness programs, already known to cut down on sick days and lower health insurance costs, yielded one extra productive workday a month for the average team member who participated.

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Want to increase your productivity? Try one of these apps

Beyond standing desks and taking care of yourself (which we highly recommend), apps can make the most mundane tasks seem easier.

From an app that tracks your business expenses to an app that helps you create holiday cards with photos you’ve taken with your phone, this list has it all:

1. Business Card Reader Pro

best productivity apps


Instantly import contact information from a business card right to your iOS Contacts; seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and Evernote. (iTunes, $6.99)

2. Canva

best productivity apps


Create awesome designs with the app’s photos, fonts, and images. (iTunes, Free)

3. Evernote

best productivity apps


Take notes, track your tasks, clip things you find online, and sync across phones and computers. (iTunes, Free)

4. Ink

best productivity apps


Mail real cards using your photos right from your phone. (iTunes, Free; cards start at $1.99 including postage)

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5. Mint

best productivity apps


Track all of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments all in one place. (iTunes, Free)

6. MyFitnessPal

best productivity apps


Manage your nutrition, exercise, and weight loss goals. (iTunes, Free)

7. Notability

best productivity apps


Write notes, sketch ideas, mark up PDFs and photos, record meetings, and sync notes to your iCloud. (iTunes, $9.99)

8. Outlook

best productivity apps


Connect email accounts, schedule your day, view and attach files from multiple platforms, and be more productive on the go. (iTunes, Free)

9. PDF Converter

best productivity apps


Convert anything (documents, photos, web pages) into PDF. (iTunes, $4.99)

10. Qapital

best productivity apps


Set up and manage a savings plan for your dream vacation, that new car, or that new computer. (iTunes, Free)

11. Smart Merge

best productivity apps


Clean up your address book by merging duplicate contacts. (iTunes, $2.99)

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12. Trello

best productivity apps


Collaborate on projects with ease, at work or at home. (iTunes, Free)

13. Wunderlist

best productivity apps


Get more stuff done, add reminders and due dates, share lists and assign tasks, and so much more. (iTunes, Free)

Bonus: Home Design 3D

best productivity apps


Take charge of your new home before you even move in by using this interactive app to design and remodel in 3D. (iTunes, $5.99)

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