best companies to work for in houston

It’s official: We’re a nine-year Top Workplace and Best Workplace for Women

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Can you become one of the largest mortgage lenders in America by putting your team members first? Evidenced by Cornerstone Home Lending’s long list of Top Workplace rankings for 2018, the answer is yes.

Houston mortgage lender spends nine years on top

best companies to work for in houston
It was almost 30 years ago, in 1988, that our Houston-based company began. Operations started with only five team members in one small office. Fast-forward to today, and Cornerstone Home Lending, is home to 1,800 team members in 180 offices nationwide. Cornerstone funds an estimated $8.5 billion in home loans each year. The recipe for our success — and the reason so many team members enjoy working within our growing family — is simple.

“At Cornerstone, we don’t have employees — we have team members,” says Laird. “Our entire team aligns toward one vision: To be the country’s best home lender. And that inspires us every day to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Cornerstone’s mission is backed by its recognition, with nine major Top Workplace rankings in 2018:

  1. Houston 2018 Top Workplace – Cornerstone ranks in the top 30 of the Houston Chronicle’s preferred large companies for the ninth year in a row.
  2. Austin 2018 Top Workplace Cornerstone ranks in the top 30 of preferred small employers in the Austin metro area.
  3. Dallas 2018 Top Workplace – Cornerstone is named a Dallas Top Workplace for the fifth year.
  4. San Antonio 2018 Top Workplace – Cornerstone ranks in the top 20 of the preferred large companies in San Antonio.
  5. Oklahoma City 2018 Top Workplace– Cornerstone is named an Oklahoma City Top Workplace for the third year running.
  6. Denver 2018 Top Workplace Cornerstone ranks in the top 10 of preferred mid-sized companies in Denver.
  7. 2018 Best Workplace for Women from Great Place to Work – Seventy percent of Cornerstone’s team members are women, with 53 percent of women in management.
  8. 2018 Best Workplaces from Great Place to Work – 95 percent of team members say working at Cornerstone is “great.”
  9. Highest rated mortgage lender on Glassdoor in 2018 – Cornerstone is named the number one place to work over other mortgage lenders based on Glassdoor team member reviews.

It’s been a big and humbling year with multiple Top Workplace awards throughout the U.S. and a special focus on our commitment to diversity and creating equal opportunities for women. It’s also an honor to have been included as a Houston Chronicle Top Workplace for the ninth straight year since rankings debuted in 2010.

Cornerstone’s continued growth comes from investing in our people. As one team member who ranked Cornerstone with five stars for inclusivity and diversity concludes, “I don’t feel like an employee but rather like part of a team or family.”

How we transform lending one person at a time

best companies to work for in houston
Financial institutions may be known for treating people like a number. But Willie French, Cornerstone’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, credits a work-family focus for helping our Houston-based company grow into one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country.

“Creating a happy, supportive workplace is one of our core convictions,” says French. “We truly value all 1,800 team members across the country, and we do everything we can to make sure they know it.”

Cornerstone’s many ways of supporting and recognizing team members include personalized birthday greetings from Laird, anniversary presents for long-time service, monthly fun day gift card drawings, and appreciation events with catered lunches and health and wellness amenities. We also manage the Cornerstone Cares program, funded by team member donations and offering financial aid to co-workers or immediate families experiencing hardship or crisis.

“Here’s to another great year and another year to grow with my Cornerstone Family! Since I joined your team in 2007, I could not have asked for a better place to land.” – Download your application here.

5 reasons Cornerstone is one of the best companies to work for in Houston

best companies to work for in houston
Our borrowers know us by our reputation. But many of our prospective team members ask: What makes Cornerstone different from the rest?

We approach both our borrowers and team members with a servant’s heart in every interaction, offering first-rate support to make mortgage easy. This looks like:

  1. Maintaining a 100-percent commitment to closing on time.
  2. Award-winning marketing campaigns — to help loan officers grow their business.
  3. First-rate home loan support — for loan officers and other team members.
  4. An innovative tech ecosystem within a mobile app — providing both a Loan Officer and Borrower Portal.
  5. Working for a company that treats you like family.

It’s an understatement to say that getting nine Top Workplace rankings in 2018 is an honor. And yet, it validates what Cornerstone’s Core Values, which we’ve been practicing faithfully for almost 30 years, are all about. We think it’s important to love where you work, and endorsements from 95 percent of our team members prove this. Join the Cornerstone Talent Network to stay in-the-know and find out if there’s room for you on our growing team.

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