DIY Halloween costume contest trophy

How to make your own Halloween contest trophies

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Oct. 23, 2015.

Halloween parties could possibly be the best parties ever invented. They’re the only situation in which dressing up however you want is not only socially acceptable, it’s encouraged.

But you know what can take any Halloween party situation and make it even better? Trophies. That’s right — a gold, glimmering set of trophies to commemorate the best costumes your guests had to offer — Funniest, Cutest, Spookiest, Most Creative, Best Group, Best Duo.

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These DIY trophies are easy to make and frightfully memorable. If you can’t find Halloween bobble heads like these, get creative with stacked pumpkins, plastic tombstones, or witch broomsticks!

Halloween DIY costume contest trophy supplies

DIY Halloween costume contest trophy

What We Used

Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic Spray in Gold
Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue
My Jewelry Shoppe Stamping Strips (Rhodium)
Hobby Lobby 4” Wood Round Plate
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen in Black

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Halloween DIY costume contest trophy tutorial

DIY Halloween costume contest trophy
First, gather your materials. You can have as many or as few figurines as you would like, depending on the size of your party. Next, spray paint your figurines and wood round plates in gold. Let them dry overnight in a clear, well-ventilated area. You may need two layers, depending on how brilliantly gold you’d like them. (We say go for the gold!)
DIY Halloween costume contest trophy
Glue your figurines to their wooden basis with powerful wood glue. Make sure to add just enough glue to ensure that they stick to the base, but not so much that the glue spills over the sides.
DIY Halloween costume contest trophy

On each of your stamping strips, write the name of each award. Glue the name plate to the base of your trophy, and you’re done!

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DIY Halloween costume contest trophy

It’s unspookable how cute these are, and your guests will absolutely love them.

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