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Family guy, city gal, or foodie? What your home says about your lifestyle

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Oct. 16, 2018.

What most people don’t think about before buying a home is whether it fits their lifestyle.

They might buy a 5-acre ranch in the country without considering how their hour-and-a-half commute will leave them too tired to enjoy it. Or, they might fall in love with modern appliances and open spaces when they never have time to cook and rarely entertain.

2 personal questions to ask before you start house-hunting

No need to make the common mistake of a love-at-first-sight home mismatch. Instead, ask yourself:

  1. How do you live?
  2. What does that tell you about the kind of home you need?

If you’re a foodie, you’ll need a modern kitchen. If you’re a socialite, you’ll need open spaces. If you’re a workaholic, you’ll need a home that’s close to work. If you’re a homebody, you’ll need a cozy living room.

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6 different homes for 6 very different lifestyles

Here are the lifestyles we see most often in our homebuyers. Check them out and see which one sounds like you:

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  1. The city-dweller

home buying tips


Are your friends always asking you what the best bars, museums, and coffee shops are in town? Do you attend almost every sports event, tailgate, and nonprofit gala?

You’ll do well in a home that’s:

  • Close to your vibrant city life.
  • Near public transportation.
  • Spacious enough for you to host the occasional after-party.

City living is expensive, so you may have to downscale to a smaller condo to be able to afford the life you want. You’re never at home anyway! Spend your money on the things you love doing instead.



  1. The cowboy (or cowgirl)

home buying tips


Do you love the peacefulness of the country? Do you wish you could raise your own chickens, goats, and horses?

You’ll do well in a home:

  • Far away from civilization.
  • In 10-mile proximity to a town that has a grocery store and a post office, if you still want access to modern conveniences.
  • With several acres.

Make sure your new home doesn’t need too many structural updates. It could have long-standing problems that are hard to notice without a thorough home inspection.



  1. The family person

home buying tips


Do you pride yourself in having a strong relationship with your partner and children? Do you spend a lot of time checking homework, cooking big meals, and monitoring sibling arguments?

You’ll do well in a home that:

  • Has a big backyard.
  • Has several bedrooms.
  • Is in a suburban community close to schools, grocery stores, and parks.

You won’t need a home that looks like it came out of a magazine, but you will need a home that’s well-built. If you have kids, the last thing you want to do is spend time on getting your water heater fixed or leveling out your porch.



  1. The homebody

home buying tips


Do you love it when you have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend? Would you rather chill on your couch with a bowl of popcorn and hours of Netflix ahead?

You’ll do well in a home that’s:

  • Comfortable.
  • In a likable neighborhood with easy access to a grocery store.
  • Without elegant finishings or an over-the-top kitchen.

It’s also a good idea to think about what you do most when you’re at home. If it’s gardening, consider getting a low-maintenance backyard. If it’s crafting, you might want extra space so you can set up your creations in progress.



  1. The hostess with the mostest

home buying tips


Do you love searching Pinterest for party ideas? Are you always the one hosting events for your book club, your alumni group, and your extended family?

You’ll do well in a home with:

  • A modern kitchen.
  • An open layout.
  • At least one guest bathroom.
  • Natural lighting.

Since you’re going all out with your kitchen and living room, cut down on the size of your home elsewhere. Choose smaller bedrooms, simple bathrooms, and affordable home finishings.



  1. The jetsetter

home buying tips


Do you have one of those jobs that’s always landing you in a new airport? Are you more familiar with Uber than you are with your own living room?

You’ll do well in a:

  • Central location close to work or public transport.
  • Condo or loft.
  • Smaller, easy-to-maintain home.

Because convenience is the most important aspect of your home, you won’t need a lot of space. If you want some luxury, focus on things you’ll use, like a walk-in closet for picking out your globetrotting clothes.

If you don’t fit any of these lifestyles, ask yourself what you value most about how you live. Then, make a list of “must-haves” so you can rank what’s important to you. After that, download our free app to make buying a house easy. With LoanFly, you can search for dream homes based on your lifestyle, get prequalified fast to find out how much house you can afford, and stay in touch with your loan officer until closing day.

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