kitchen decor ideas

QUIZ: We know your kitchen style based on these 6 questions

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Which kitchen design style is your perfect match? Take our quiz.

What's the one kitchen appliance you can't live without?

What's your preferred color scheme at home?

What's your one kitchen “must?”

What's your favorite countertop material?

What do you use your kitchen for most often?

Who's your favorite fictional cook?

Score 6-10: Coastal.

kitchen decor ideas

Just like it sounds, the coastal kitchen aesthetic is easy, breezy, and refreshing. Think of it as your interpretation of a day at the beach. Depending on which colors and patterns resonate with you, you may lean toward the bright pastels seen on a tropical island in the Caribbean or toward the blue-and-white stripes that decorate a cottage in Maine. A coastal kitchen is, above all, light and airy, bringing a relaxing feel of summer to any season.

Score 11-15: Eclectic.

kitchen decor ideas

This kitchen style was made for the Etsy fanatics among us. Think boundary-pushing, pattern-blending, and mixing-and-matching. In this kitchen filled with assorted odds and ends — and especially with secondhand wares — you’re free to be yourself. This is your ideal kitchen decor style if you often find yourself gravitating toward several design elements and are unable to choose. The definition of eclectic style is to combine multiple design perspectives from different origins to create a brand-new environment.

Score 16-20: Mod.

kitchen decor ideas

With clean lines and sophistication, this soothing kitchen is one you and your family will want to spend more time in. Think simplistic Scandinavian style, as popularized by IKEA. A kitchen with a mod design may be casual and homey or lean toward the sleek and refined. A modern kitchen marries minimalism with functionality; you’re likely to see white lights and lighter hues with only hints of color, cheery but subtle decor, and clever uses of hidden components within a small kitchen space.

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Score 21-25: Moroccan.

kitchen decor ideas

Rich in bold colors and textures, a Moroccan kitchen style resonates with those of us fulfilled by flavorful cuisine. Think dark wood cabinets, a multicolored backsplash of patterned tiles, creamy countertops, and paneled appliances. For the many enthusiasts of Moroccan decor, tile is what makes the kitchen — with the same bright mosaic patterns you would see in a bazaar or spice market. A Moroccan kitchen is both exotic and timeless, made all the more authentic with a woven throw rug, ceramic bowls and mugs, and open shelving for easier access.

Score 26-31: Rustic farmhouse.

kitchen decor ideas

It’s shabby chic, and it’s the type of gently-used kitchen you can envision making breakfast for your family in. Country colors make for a welcoming kitchen decor any time of year, in pale yellows, creams, ivories, baby blues, and hints of red. Plaid, gingham, striped, checked, and floral patterns all work well as complementary throwback drape and wallpaper prints. Think distressed or whitewashed cabinets, an oversized farmhouse table, and refurbished retro appliances as a finishing touch.

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Score 32-36: Transitional.

kitchen decor ideas

A transitional kitchen is where the traditional and contemporary meet. While technically an eclectic style, a transitional kitchen design primarily focuses on both natural and man-made elements. For those who want all the comfort of the classics with slight updates to their kitchen decor, a transitional style offers the best of both worlds. Think dark browns paired with a neutral palette, potted flowers, wooden or silver picture frames, and leather-backed dining chairs.

Score 37-42: Victorian.

kitchen decor ideas

Lovers of beauty and all things genteel, this is a kitchen you’ll feel at home in. Most Victorian kitchens utilize a large open space, with antique dining furniture, ample countertops, and a deep metal sink. Think Old World when decorating a Victorian kitchen: flowing, gauzy curtains; paintings of wine, fruit, and cheese; and reupholstered Victorian-style sofas used as a table bench. Chandeliers, jars, and vases in stained glass patterns or with faux gold accents will set the scene.

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