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The unexpected ways Cornerstone is moving mortgage into the future: Part 2

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April 23, 2019.

Are paper business cards, like the paper letter, on the way out? The majority of business cards end up getting thrown away, but loan officers are beating the odds by recognizing industry changes and giving homebuyers and partners what they’re looking for.

Along with our recently introduced borrower-generated prequalification letters, Cornerstone’s new mobile business cards are changing how we mortgage by making it easier to connect. Almost all paper business cards – some sources say up to 80 percent — are thrown away within the first week.

Loan officers who want to make a lasting impression essentially have two options. Get quirky with out-of-the-box business card designs made of metal or wood that could run you $2 each. Or, go totally paperless.

Could mobile business cards make mortgage fast and easy?

At Cornerstone, we’ve found that the most profitable way for a loan officer to spend their time is to build relationships, not to be bogged down by log-ins, data entry, or paper business card exchange.

By integrating a brand-new tech tool like mobile business cards, loan officers, realtors, and homebuyers benefit:

1. Insta-access and on-the-spot sharing.

  • For homebuyers. Instantly receiving a loan officer’s contact info makes one of the most difficult parts of the mortgage process — sussing out and reaching out to potential lenders — much easier. Here’s how it works: You’ll get a text containing a loan officer’s mobile business card that you can save to your home screen. Then you can contact your loan officer when you’re ready and get prequalified for a mortgage using the same link.
  • For loan officers. As a loan officer, you’ll be equipped to take your business anywhere. This promotes work-life balance by offering seamless opportunities to network outside the office. Cornerstone loan officers use new mobile business cards for easy, one-touch sharing of contact information through a personalized URL, emailed or texted from their mobile device. Your mobile business card is instantly accessible, working independently of an app on the internet browser of any device.
  • For realtors. Most realtors have a preferred lender. Now, texting a mobile business card link makes sharing this contact information with your clients extra-easy. Like homebuyers, realtors can save a loan officer’s mobile business card to their home screen and use it to contact a loan officer with questions or help homebuyers prequalify.

2. One-touch call, email, or text.

  • For homebuyers. This one’s a biggie if you’re a homebuyer who’s looking for a mortgage that’s almost entirely paperless. A realtor or a loan officer can text you a loan officer’s mobile business card that you can use to text, email, or call a loan officer at a click.
  • For loan officers. Borrowers who are less likely to pick up the phone may be enticed to click on user-friendly email, text, or even phone call icons found on your one-touch mobile business card site. Your borrowers and realtor partners can also add your contact information from your mobile business card to their phone’s directory. And, using one-touch airdrop, you and your contacts can instantly transfer files over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth between devices.
  • For realtors. Realtors no longer have to work as the middleman, holding on to a loan officer’s business card to pass on to a client. Once you’ve saved a loan officer’s mobile business card to your home screen, you can share it with your buyers for a quick referral. You can also click to call, text, or email a loan officer partner with any questions.

Eliminate the house-hunting hassle and refer your buyers to a loan officer who’s always ready to connect. Partner with a Cornerstone loan officer near you.

3. Quick links to prequalify.

  • For homebuyers. The faster you can get home, the less money you’re going to waste. Mobile business cards offer another handy way to simplify the homebuying process by speeding up how quickly you can get prequalified. Clicking on a loan officer’s mobile business card brings you directly to live links for mortgage prequalification, payment calculators, your own Borrower Portal, and directions to a loan officer’s local office. Input your info to get prequalified in a few minutes, and you’ll be more equipped to put an offer on a house and could close in 10 days.
  • For loan officers. Borrowers can click through your mobile business card to get prequalified. They can calculate their estimated mortgage payment. Or, they can get directions to your office. Helping borrowers prequalify through your mobile business card can be a lot more inviting than an impersonal link to an online form. So, borrowers will feel more connected and may be more likely to take the steps and finish their prequalification.
  • For realtors. Like loan officers, realtors appreciate the fact that homebuyers have personal access to a prequalification link through a loan officer’s mobile business card site. You can also direct clients who have questions about how much house they can afford, how much they can expect to pay each month, and how to get their mortgage moving to click to contact their loan officer at any time.
As a lender, we’re in the ideal place to start using simplified technologies and automation to make mortgage a self-serve process.

We’ve developed new technologies to improve mortgage processing speed and efficiency, delegating the mundane tasks once handled by a loan officer to a machine. We’ve also taken care to use tech automation in a way that only benefits the borrower.

Because the mortgage of 10 years ago isn’t working

We’re moving mortgage forward by doing away with outdated processes that have been holding borrowers back. But personalization isn’t something we’re willing to sacrifice, even for the sake of great technology. With our new technologies that make loan officers highly mobile, our borrowers can have both. Click here to become a Cornerstone Realtor Partner or join the Cornerstone work-family and take advantage of all our tech tools that can help get borrowers home in 10 days.

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