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Whether you’re moving for a new job, a new school district, or a chance to experience a new city, picking up and moving has never been described as easy. Knowing where to begin — as you’ll find out when you watch Episode 1 of our Moving for Success series — can help you stay organized and bring your stress down to a manageable level.

Buying a house doesn’t have to be hard. (When you get prequalified for a mortgage first.)

Big change brings big opportunity

No matter what your reason for moving may be, for work or for pleasure, you’ll be happy to hear there’s icing on the cake. When the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conducted a study on New Year’s resolutions in early 2017, they weren’t just examining what makes them stick. They were trying to figure out the science of habit change.

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What they discovered might give you a whole new perspective on the move on your horizon. Changing habits is hard — this much we know is true. Researchers also believe it has little to do with the calendar, i.e., an annual New Year’s resolution. But it’s the big changes in everyday life that can make new habits concrete, like, as you might have guessed, moving into a new house.

The researchers studied over 800 people, half who had recently moved and half who had lived in the same house for several years. The participants who recently relocated bounced right back after their move, showing greater change in eight weeks compared to those who stayed put.

Beat the odds — get the hardest tasks done first

We know, we know. Most people rank moving to be among life’s most stressful experiences. Parents moving with children are feeling anxious and irritable, reports a 2015 and Zillow survey. Buyers across the pond in the UK say that buying, selling, and moving is nearly as stressful as getting a divorce, according to a 2015 Which? survey.

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Take it from a lender that’s been in the business for almost 30 years. Buying a house can be easy when you follow the tips described in our video, and it can also bring about the opportunity for a fresh start and some much-needed change.

Working with the right lender helps cut the stress in a normally frantic move. If you haven’t gotten prequalified for a mortgage yet, that’s an ideal place to begin. Getting prequalified will tell you how much house you can afford so that you don’t waste your time during the house hunt. Then, you can use our tips to get to purging and packing. While you’re doing that, we’ll be working hard behind the scenes to get you to closing day on time.

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