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Making a big decision based on a hunch is something we normally laugh off — because just about everything could go wrong. But the latest research from the University of Cambridge has got us rethinking how we feel about gut feelings. If what researchers say is true, listening to your gut about the important stuff, including the big financial decisions, could make you even more successful.

Go with your gut

In 2016, University of Cambridge researchers discovered that financial traders are good at assessing and listening to their gut feelings compared to the rest of the population. And the better they get at “reading” their guts, the more success they see in their industry.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that your gut feeling counts when choosing a mortgage lender.

As you’ve probably already discovered by now, not all loan officers are created equal in terms of their knowledge, training, experience, and even trustworthiness. It helps to compare rates that can vary by lender, but eventually, you’re going to have to narrow it down and make a choice.

After weighing the pros and cons, going with your gut just might be the easiest — and the safest — way to choose a mortgage lender you can trust.

Where intuition meets decision

We can only speak from our decades of experience in serving our community since 1988, but here’s what we know about choosing a trustworthy lender:


We’re not just talking about popularity. We’re talking about execution and attention to detail. Cornerstone Home Lending, remains unique as a lender because we strive to always, always close on time. (Did we say always?) Our company thrives on a “whatever it takes” attitude — and you can count on our commitment to your closing date.

Ease in communication.

Have you ever worked with a loan officer who felt like you were talking to a friend? Yeah, that’s kind of our thing. We also strive to communicate quickly and get all your questions answered on time.

Big picture planning.

We’re not just going to give you a loan that works for you in the moment. All our trained loan officers focus on helping you to achieve your short- and-long-term goals, while also helping you to meet your payment and equity objectives. This means your loan officer will commit to monitoring your mortgage loan and watching market conditions on an ongoing basis to discuss refinancing when and if the time is right.

Raising the bar.

Customer satisfaction is a good thing, and it’s what review sites like Yelp are based on. But being the perfectionists that we are, we’ve taken it one step further. We always shoot for excellent customer feedback and won’t be satisfied with less.

This go-big-or-go-home attitude trickles down into creating a happy and supportive workplace — the average industry tenure of our team members is 12.3 years.

Before you make a major decision like choosing a mortgage lender, it’s time for a quick gut check. After meeting with your loan officer, ask yourself a few questions: Do I feel comfortable with this person? Did they take the time to fully answer all my questions? Are they interested in helping me to achieve my short-term and long-term goals? If the facts are there, and your gut agrees, we’re ready to get the loan approval process started. We think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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