VIDEO: Moving for Success Episode 2 – Pack hacks

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Maybe you hired movers to haul the contents of your house from point A to point B — whether it’s down the street or to a different part of the country. But paying for professional packers, estimated to cost $60 per packer per hour, on top of the cost of movers is a different story.

Right about now, you might be looking for time-saving ways to pack up your boxes so you can save your sanity and your moving budget.

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Stay in control during ‘one of life’s most stressful experiences’

There’s no question moving takes a lot out of you, no matter who you hire to help you along the way. As organizational psychologist and author of The Resilience Advantage Richard S. Citrin explained when discussing the topic with The New York Times, moving to a new environment represents a challenge that saps your mental and physical energy.

In short, during and after a big move, you can expect to be exhausted. Doing whatever it takes to make your move easier is always your best bet. And considering that the average person moves 11.4 times in their lifetime (with most moves being work-related, and women moving more often than men), knowing a few pack hacks is going to come in handy.

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Think outside the cardboard box

Packing up jewelry, screws, and all those other odds and ends that drive you crazy during a move — we cover that and more in our Pack Hacks video, Episode 2 of our Moving for Success series. Moving can get overwhelming, but as your lender, we’re here to do whatever it takes to make buying a house easy.

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