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What’s on Netflix this month: 9 must-watch shows for homebuyers and sellers

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June 5, 2018.

There are so many titles you can’t possibly choose, so we’ll do it for you. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renovating your house, there’s bound to be a moment when you need a break. Make time fly with one of our top bingeable picks.

Watch now: 9 irresistible Netflix shows for buyers, sellers, and flippers

Take a load off and take your mind off your house for an hour or two. Whether you need a good laugh, entertainment, or inspiration for your next home improvement project, you’ll find it here:

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1. Abstract: The Art of Design

Watch this when you: Desperately need new interior design ideas.

It’s design at its finest and most innovative, and it’s as fascinating as it is addicting. Take notes when you’re binge-watching this Netflix Original docuseries  — where each episode features a design icon in a different field — for industry trends that could translate to your new house. Stream Season 1. Also watch The Toys That Made Us, Grand Designs.

2. Easy

Watch this when you: Want to spy on your neighbors without getting caught.

Warning: This Netflix anthology series, a hidden gem that looks into the lives of ordinary people, is hard to stop watching. Fortunately, there are two fresh and funny seasons to keep you up past your bedtime. Give it a watch on those nights when you’re curious about what your neighbors are getting up to but don’t dare peek out your curtains. Stream Seasons 1-2. Also watch LoveThe Good Place.

3. Fix It and Finish It

Watch this when you: Start plotting your next home upgrade.

It’s hard not to get excited when you’re watching Antonio Sabato Jr. guide his team of designers and contractors through the ins and outs of property renovation. With any luck, you’ll get some home improvement tips too. Stream Seasons 1-2. Also watch Reno My Reno, Find It, Fix It, Flog It.

4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Watch this when you: Need a break (and a laugh) after staging your house for a showing.

The girls are back, and as many diehard fans insist, they’re better than ever. You can count on the Gilmore Girls reboot to bring you warm and fuzzy feelings on the days when you’re stressing about getting your house ready to sell. Stream the Limited Series. Also watch Gilmore Girls (original), Friends.

5. Nailed It!

Watch this when you: Fantasize about what you’ll make to disgust delight your guests in your new kitchen.

It’s Pinterest “Nailed It” but in the kitchen. And at the very least, you can count on this hilarious Netflix Original series — where pretty terrible home bakers attempt to create masterpieces — to make you feel better about your own cooking. Stream Season 1. Season 2 hits Netflix June 29, 2018. Also watch Chef’s TableUgly Delicious.

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6. Queer Eye

Watch this when you: Want to DIY your decor but can’t afford an interior designer.

In yet another really exciting Netflix reboot, the Fab Five returns, moving from the Big Apple to Atlanta. Whether you’re looking for quickie home makeover ideas or more in-depth tutelage as you prepare to move into your dream house, designer Bobby Berk delivers. Stream Season 1. Season 2 hits Netflix June 15, 2018. Also watch The Great Interior Design Challenge, Brojects

7. Safe

Watch this when you: Are about to move into a gated community.

Safety’s always a concern when moving into a new neighborhood, and the twisty plot of this Harlan Coben Netflix original, set in a gated suburb in England, will keep you on your toes. Take your mind off the frenzy of buying and selling for a few indulgent hours as you try to figure out whodunit — and where they hid the body. Stream Season 1. Also watch OzarkDoctor Foster.

8. Stranger Things

Watch this when you: Are scheduled to get your inspection.

The odds of a home inspector finding monsters in the walls of your new house might be relatively low. But there’s much more to Netflix’s most-binged show (ranking in the top 10) than the “Upside Down.” Think classic ’80s nostalgia, geeky kids, and a cult following. Stream Seasons 1-2. Also watch The OAFreaks and Geeks.

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9. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Watch this when you: Just can’t stand the excitement of waiting for moving day and really need a distraction.

For those nights when you can’t get your mind off your move-in checklist, give your brain a break. Piers Taylor, an award-winning architect, invites you to ogle some of the most unusual — and unbelievable — homes around the world in this Netflix original series. With any luck, his posh voice will lull you right to sleep. Stream Season 1. Also watch What’s for Sale? With a ViewAmazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.

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