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4 radical ways we care for our borrowers (all year long)

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Dec. 2, 2017.

To say the holidays are a busy time would be an understatement. But as much as this season can be filled with chaos and clutter, it’s also a special time to celebrate the love and light in our lives.

Christmas is coming, and we can’t wait to get home to our families and celebrate. But in our Cornerstone offices, we’ve made a commitment to practice the spirit of the season year-round. We attribute our success as the number one non-bank lender in Texas, serving in 39 states, to forgetting about the golden rule.

To connect deeply with our borrowers, the platinum rule has served us better. In every loan we write, we treat borrowers as friends; we put ourselves in their shoes so we can treat them the way they want to be treated.

“I have never had such a flawless transaction! It was such an honor to work with Cornerstone! Closed on time and with excellent communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommend Cornerstone to others!”

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4 Cornerstone Commitments to get you in the Christmas spirit

Most people wouldn’t associate mortgage lending with the hospitality industry. And yet, Jay Crowell, CMP, Senior Vice President at Cornerstone, has embraced a new understanding of mortgage that has helped to unify our team. The word hospitality, Crowell explains, comes from the Latin word hospes, defined as “guest” or “host” and related to “hospital.”

Thinking of hospitality instead of the financial aspect of mortgage aligns with our company’s mission statement perfectly: “To transform individual lives through home lending.”

Likewise, the holidays are associated with kindness, selflessness, and good cheer. And while an annual reminder of who and what is important to us is critical, researchers discovered in a British Medical Journal study published in 2015 that “Christmas spirit” actually activates different parts of the brain. A year later, University of California Los Angeles researchers conducted a study examining the brain’s involvement in impulse control, leading to results that suggest we are wired to be inherently good. When researchers blocked impulse control areas in the brain that may cloud or change thinking, study participants became 50 percent more generous.

At Cornerstone, we too believe our team members and those we encounter are hardwired for goodness. We put this into practice each day, in each season, in the services we offer to and the relationships we create with our borrowers:

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Cornerstone Commitment #1: Lend with a servant’s heart.

mortgage companies in texas
Getting our borrowers exactly what they want – like getting into a new home quickly and easily — hinges on our ability to work with numbers and figures. But these numbers aren’t what makes us successful as a lender.

Instead, our loan officers aim to lend with a servant’s heart. They will:

  • Walk the borrower through each step of the home loan process, breaking down and explaining the pros and cons of different mortgage loan products.
  • Place the needs of the borrower before their own, treating a borrower like a person and not a number. “I’ve been through the home purchase process at least a half dozen times in Chicago and now with Cornerstone here in Austin. The experience with the team at Cornerstone has been first rate and personable. If you want a great professional and personable experience, so you don’t feel like just a number, then you won’t regret going with Cornerstone,” Scott W. says.
  • Remember that the borrower is always right: The borrower knows what they need and what they are looking for.

‘Tis the season for peace and togetherness. Skip the paperwork and the hassle and get prequalified for a home loan without leaving the house.


Cornerstone Commitment #2: Offer an annual mortgage review.

mortgage companies in texas
Every 12 months, a Cornerstone loan officer, processor, or originator will:

  • Set aside additional time to review your mortgage to make sure everything still makes sense for your current financial situation.
  • Consider and discuss any potential fears or problems that could arise, with workable solutions.
  • Assess your mortgage monthly payment and terms like a “check-up,” similar to an annual visit to your doctor. Sally says, “I have purchased and refinanced two properties through Cornerstone and would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They are so good about following up, but not being annoying or pushy with things. They work in a very timely manner and are super helpful and informative.”

Cornerstone Commitment #3: Send home health reminders.

mortgage companies in texas
To build our exceptional borrower relationships long after closing, we:

  • Stay in touch throughout the year, providing helpful reminders and continued education related to your home, your finances, and other related issues. A Texas borrower says, “With confidence, my family and I recommend Ms. Ashley of Cornerstone to any family; not just a Loan Officer, but also an Educator. She helped us on getting great interest rates and also understanding the availability of other programs that might help to reduce our mortgage. She brought our hopes back and made sure all the obstacles and challenges we were in were completely solved.”
  • Offer tips and answer questions about your tax review, escrow, income tax documents, home maintenance checks, and more.
  • Keep the lines of communication open to build a long-term relationship, beyond closing day.

Buying a house doesn’t have to be hard. No one can hold a (holiday) candle to us when it comes to our quick closings.


Cornerstone Commitment #4: Check in to refinance.

mortgage companies in texas
Our Cornerstone loan officers go the extra mile for every borrower — and for the homeowner too.

To help homeowners interested in a refinance, a loan officer will:

  • Establish realistic expectations, without overpromising on a loan amount, rates, or terms.
  • Determine if it’s time to prune your mortgage rate to help you grow your savings or meet other financial goals — like paying for college, renovations, or debt.
  • Remove mortgage insurance, when the time is right, to potentially save thousands over the life of a loan. All while making a refinance feel easy. “The customer service provided is exceptional, you are treated as a top priority, and all of your questions and issues are resolved promptly. Multiple purchases and a refi and have nothing but great things to say about my experience. You won’t find a better team to handle your lending needs!” Rob says.

Christmas comes but once a year. But lending with a servant’s heart gives us a sense of peace that lasts through the seasons. If you have questions about buying or refinancing a house, we would love to sit down and chat. Come into one of our offices, give us a call or send us an email, or get in touch with a friendly loan officer through our free app. Until then, may your mortgage be easy, and may your holidays be merry and bright.

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