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When you started a career in the mortgage industry, did you ever think it could be like this? Instead of trying to explain what sets us apart as a mortgage lender, we’ll pass the mic to our talented team members.

If you’ve ever dreamt of working with your best friends (and, potentially, a ferret), keep reading.

Cornerstone Confessions: Our team members tell all

For those who’ve been in the mortgage industry for some time, you may know us by our reputation. Sure, we’re recognized for being a “Best Workplace” with industry-leading technology, superior loan officer support ratios, and a 100-percent commitment to closing on time. But if you ask our team members, they’d tell you that this only scratches the surface.

There’s a lot more going on at Cornerstone behind the scenes:

If you like working with your besties…

Then you may have found your happy place. Shelbi Young, Regional Marketing Coordinator, says she works with her best friends. At Cornerstone, we call it a “work-family” for a reason — the odds are high that you’ll be welcomed with open arms, actually look forward to going to work in the morning, and develop more than a few life-long relationships upon joining our team.

It checks out. Kyra Lancon, Senior Graphic Designer, confesses that she now enjoys waking up in the morning and going to work because she gets fulfillment out of helping others. She’s also motivated by the opportunity to create things that brighten others’ days and help her team members succeed.

We go all out because we’re all in. Search our current job openings.

If you like working with four-legged friends…

You’re probably going to love it here. According to Carli King, Regional Marketing Coordinator, her first week at Cornerstone was totally unexpected. She encountered not just a bulldog at a desk but a second dog warming the feet of a team member and a pet ferret.

For those working from home, either temporarily or permanently, the vibe remains the same: Furry friends are part of the crew. Kyra confesses, “My cat is my assistant.”

If you like working hard and playing hard too…

You might appreciate that “fun” is one of the words team members frequently use to describe working at Cornerstone. Patrick Hampton, Video Producer, says he loves how fun Cornerstone and its people are, a fact many are surprised to hear since they assume mortgage makes for a dull work environment.

Most industry professionals are rightly focused on increasing volume, but they may not anticipate having fun while doing it. Or getting the chance to grow as a person while growing their career. Leslie Meech, JV Division Pres., confesses she came to Cornerstone looking to grow her sales — and was amazed to find herself also growing professionally and personally, as she helped others do the same.

If you like working for a company that cares… A lot…

Cornerstone delivers, usually in the form of an unrecognized act of kindness. As Kathy Lynn Halkins, Creative & Innovation Director, and Patrick recount, after just a year of working at Cornerstone, CEO Marc Laird handed them $10,000 in cash. The reason? To provide some immediate relief to customers, clients, and partners in Oklahoma who had recently been impacted by a tornado.

Could it be that working for a company that has your back might automatically increase your happiness? Lori Price, Operations Manager, shares that though she came to Cornerstone by happenstance — blindly following a co-worker from a previous company — she’s so glad she did. “It turned out amazing,” Lori says, “It feels like a family, and I have never been happier.”

And if you don’t like taking no for an answer: Know that our team members don’t either. Several confess that it took a few tries to find their dream role at Cornerstone. One team member interviewed three separate times. Another was contacted a year after her initial interview (for a position that was no longer needed) because she made such a great impression.

Did we just become best friends?

If you too want to work with a mortgage lender that’s anything but typical, you’re in the right place. Click here to find out if there’s a “you”-shaped hole in our work-family.

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