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7 easy-but-oh-so-effective New Year’s Resolutions for realtors

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Jan. 2, 2018.

Ah, the New Year. Many people spend this time thinking about how they’d like to improve the quality of their life. But here are some resolutions and marketing tips for realtors you can use this year to improve the quality of your business.

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Resolution #1: I will feel at home with social media.

Marketing tips for realtors


Many people are confused about how to use social media for business. We see this all the time — a realtor posts listing after listing and doesn’t get much response. But the key to social is that it’s social. You have to get in there and talk to people. Did one of your former clients just have a baby? Comment on that baby’s cuteness. Did your sister’s college friend just graduate from business school? Reach out and ask a question about how she enjoyed her experience. The more naturally you talk to people online, the more socially “present” you will be. And when people do see your listings, they’ll remember that you’re a “realtor they know.” They’ll reach out when they’re ready to buy a home, or they’ll recommend you to someone else.

When you post to social media, remember to keep things light and fun:

  • At your next open house, post a pic of yourself with a hot, steaming cup of coffee at the entrance. Write: “Now accepting visitors! There are chocolate donuts here, and I can’t eat them all by myself!”
  • Keep posting all the wonderful events you do. Even if someone doesn’t drop by that day, they may drop by a month later.
  • And when they do, they’ll say, “Oh, I saw your posts on Facebook, and your open houses always look so fun, but I wasn’t looking for a home until now.”
  • With social, you’ll stay at the front of their mind. Check out this Social Media Cheat Sheet for Realtors when you’re feeling stuck.

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Resolution #2: I will show people what truly makes me great.

Marketing tips for realtors


To clients, you’re just another salesperson until you’re not. When you’re trying hard to promote yourself, it’s easy to get lost in the trap of providing too much information on your flyers. Do your clients really need to know your business number, your cell number, your fax number, and your middle name? Do they really need to know that your team has over 100+ years of combined experience? Not really.

Your clients want to know how you’re different from anyone else who wants their business:

  • Be upfront with people. Let them know what makes you better at what you do.
  • If you’re looking at yourself, and you’re thinking, “Well, I’m not sure what I’m better at,” ask a colleague. You may have forgotten how great you are at keeping in touch with your clients throughout the buying process.
  • Now you can send out a flyer that gets real specific: “Following up is my favorite part of the job! I always want you to be in the know.”
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s what you’re selling.

Resolution #3: I will become the finest amateur photographer.

Marketing tips for realtors


Your iPhone or Android is a powerful tool that can help you turn mediocre pictures into glorious pieces of art. With the advent of Instagram, there is no excuse for bad photos of homes. Instagram makes it incredibly easy to add a quick filter to brighten up a badly lit shot or edit out the mess in the background.

Take some photos of your own home and play with filters to discover how quickly and easily you can become a master at this:

  • If you want to really up your amateur photographer game, invest in a basic DSLR camera and a tripod. This will allow you to get photos of a much higher quality and capture wide shots or detailed close-ups.
  • Not sure how to use a DSLR? You can learn so much with a simple YouTube search — and from online tutorials from other skilled realtors.

Resolution #4: I will be responsive to my clients.

Marketing tips for realtors


It’s common business knowledge that answering emails right away can make a big impression on your clients, and yet so many people seem to ignore this key move. Just think about how many people check their email on their mobile phone now. You could be the person that causes their serotonin to spike as they see that they are important enough to respond to immediately.

Once your clients have purchased their home, they’ll remember how great you were at being available for questions:

  • They’ll brag about you to their family and friends. (It’s that old-timey, word-of-mouth advertising at work!)
  • This resolution is one of the best ones to make. It’s an easy change that will help improve your business right away and over time.

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Resolution #5: I will network even when I’m not ‘networking.’

Marketing tips for realtors


These days, networking events are like speed dating — everyone hands out their card, shares a few great points about themselves, and hopes they made a lasting impression. But oftentimes, there is a shallowness to that kind of networking. Yes, you can occasionally make an impact, but most of the time you arrive back home with a pile of business cards in your hands, and you can’t match a face to a name.

Here’s the good news:

  • You actually “network” all the time — at community events, at your kids’ school, at church.
  • These communities are extremely valuable to your business because you are connecting with people on a deeper level. Potential clients can truly get to know you when you volunteer for the same silent auction committee.
  • And you can do even more to broaden your network — join a volunteer organization, become an active member of your alumni group, attend local events, etc. The more you are out there talking to people, the more your network will steadily grow.
  • Don’t forget to friend new people on Facebook or ask for their contact info so you can reach out and be in touch.

Resolution #6: I will be the best neighbor anyone’s ever seen.

Marketing tips for realtors


Every time you sell a home, imagine you’re actually going to buy it. Imagine you’re going to be going for walks in the park and driving your car around the neighborhood at night. Imagine that the new restaurant around the corner is going to be your go-to place for date night. Imagine the pavilion is where you’ll have your kids’ birthday party every year.

Doing this important imaginary work will help you figure out which questions you need to ask about the neighborhood:

  • What are the best restaurants, schools, and grocery stores in the area? What about fun classes, like hot yoga or rock climbing?
  • Be sure to think about the negatives, too. Are there any dangerous parts of the neighborhood you should know about and are they close to home? If the neighborhood doesn’t recycle, have you found a recycling center only six blocks outside of it?
  • All of these specifics will give you selling power.

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Resolution #7: I will be upfront with my clients.

Marketing tips for realtors


Many people don’t like discussing the negative aspects of the homebuying process because they don’t want to scare clients off. But if you’re not upfront with your clients, and something goes wrong with the process, they won’t be likely to work with you again or recommend you.

Instead of avoiding the negative, embrace it in a positive light:

  • For every pitfall you mention, provide a potential solution.
  • This will help your clients understand that they are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions.
  • If the knowledge came from you, they’ll put their trust in you for the long run.

This year, make a commitment to educating your clients on every aspect of the homebuying process. The market is competitive — be sure to explain how negotiations really work and don’t be afraid to take extra time to go into the details. Because when negotiations actually happen, they can happen quickly. Your clients will need to be prepared to make a decision, with guidance from a savvy realtor and a fast-acting loan officer from the Cornerstone team.

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