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8 easy-but-effective New Year’s resolutions for realtors

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Pat yourself on the back for making it through an unprecedented year, both at a personal and certainly at an industry level. Then, as you prepare to hit “reset,” set yourself up for success. Adopting these business-boosting resolutions can help to support what’s sure to be another booming year ahead.

This is your year: 8 marketing tips to try in 2022

With a fresh, new year ahead of you, what’s an agent to do? Consider one or more of these tried-and-tested strategies:

Resolution #1: I will feel at home with social media.

You see it all the time — a realtor posts listing after listing and doesn’t get much response. But the key to social media is that it’s social. You have to get in there and talk to people. That way, when people do see your listings, they’ll remember that you’re a “realtor they know.” They’ll reach out when they’re ready to buy, or they’ll recommend you to someone else.

When you post to social media, remember to:

  • Keep things light and fun, when you’re not educating. At your next open house, post a pic of yourself with a hot, steaming cup of coffee at the entrance. Write: “Now accepting visitors! These chocolate donuts aren’t going to eat themselves!”
  • Continue posting all the wonderful events you do. Even if someone doesn’t drop by that day, they may drop by a month later.
  • Schedule a steady drip of engaging content to stay top of mind. Check out our guide to navigating the Facebook algorithm so you don’t get lost in the feed.

Resolution #2: I will show people what truly makes me great.

To clients, you’re just another salesperson — until you’re not. When you’re trying hard to promote yourself, it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of providing too much information on your flyers. Do your clients really need to know your business number, your cell number, and your middle name? Do they need to know that your team has over 100+ years of combined experience? Not really.

Your clients want to hear how you’re different from anyone else who wants their business:

  • Be upfront with people. Let them know what makes you better at what you do.
  • If you can’t come up with any self-selling features, ask a colleague. You may have forgotten how great you are at keeping in touch with your clients throughout the buying process.
  • Now you can send out a flyer that gets real specific: “Following up is my favorite part of the job. I always do whatever it takes to keep you in the know.” Don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s what you’re selling.

Resolution #3: I will become the finest amateur photographer.

Your iPhone or Android is a powerful tool that can help you turn mediocre pictures into glorious works of art. With the advent of Instagram, there’s no excuse for bad photos of homes. Instagram makes it incredibly easy to add a quick filter to brighten up a poorly lit shot or to edit out the mess in the background.

Take some photos of your own home and play with filters to discover how quickly you can become a master at this:

  • If you want to really up your amateur photographer game, invest in a basic DSLR camera and a tripod. This will allow you to get photos of a much higher quality and capture wide shots or detailed close-ups.
  • Don’t forget to post those eye-catching pics to your Stories too. Read through this list if you’re new to Instagram Stories or are looking for more Story ideas that stand out.
  • There’s also a time and a place for professional photography. If your headshot is outdated (or nonexistant), hire a professional to take a new one, and consider it an investment in your brand.

Resolution #4: I will be responsive to my clients.

It’s common business knowledge that answering emails right away can make a big impression on your clients, and yet, most seem to ignore this key move. Just think about how many people check their email on their smartphones now. You could be the person that causes their serotonin to spike as they see that they’re important enough to respond to immediately.

Once your clients have purchased their home:

  • They’ll remember how great you were at being available for questions. While it may not be possible to be on call all day long, try responding when you can and dedicating at least an hour per day to answering calls and emails.
  • These clients will also brag about you to their friends and family. (It’s that old-timey, word-of-mouth advertising at work.)
  • This resolution is one of the most effective ones to make. It’s an easy change that’ll help improve your business right away and over time.

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Resolution #5: I will network even when I’m not ‘networking.’

Networking events are like speed dating. Everyone hands out their card, shares a few great points about themselves, and hopes they made a lasting impression. But oftentimes, there’s a shallowness to that kind of networking. Yes, you can occasionally make an impact, but most of the time, you arrive back home with a pile of business cards in your hands, and you can’t match a face to a name.

Here’s the good news:

  • You actually “network” all the time — at community events, at your kids’ school, at church. These communities are extremely valuable to your business because you’re connecting with people on a deeper level. Potential clients can truly get to know you when you volunteer for the same silent auction committee.
  • And you can do even more to broaden your network. Join a volunteer organization, become an active member of your alumni group, and attend local events. The more you’re out there talking to people, the more your network will steadily grow.
  • Don’t forget to friend new people on Facebook. Or, ask for their contact info so you can reach out and stay in touch.

Resolution #6: I will continue educating myself.

Continued education can take many forms – ranging from free to paid classes – thanks to the convenience of the internet. Start by searching for webinars that you can attend virtually, with zero travel or hotel accommodations needed. A typical webinar is relatively inexpensive (or free) and may last around 60 minutes. Boomtown, Jared James, and Tom Ferry offer some great resources.

From there, you can:

  • Keep an ear out for local and regional conferences that can provide you with a face-to-face networking opportunity while keeping you abreast of the latest industry changes. (Note that in the COVID era, many conferences have also gone digital.)
  • Tune in to industry-related and career-driven podcasts. Make the most of your many hours spent in the car by listening to one of our top 12 podcast picks for real estate agents.
  • Pick up a new tech tool you’ve been meaning to try. Set aside some time to read reviews or watch tutorials on a new CRM system, lead gen software, or video editing platform (WeVideo is popular among agents), and then start using it.

Resolution #7: I will be the best neighbor anyone’s ever seen.

Every time you sell a home, imagine you’re actually going to buy it. Picture yourself going for walks in the park and driving your car around the neighborhood at night. Envision that the new restaurant around the corner is going to be your go-to place for date night and that the nearby pavilion is where you’ll have your kids’ birthday parties.

Doing this important imaginary work will help you figure out which questions you need to ask about the neighborhood:

  • What are the best restaurants, schools, and grocery stores in the area? What about fun classes, like hot yoga or rock climbing?
  • Be sure to think about the other aspects, too. Have you checked public safety websites outlining locations of fire stations, police stations, and hospitals, as well as other community information about a particular neighborhood? If the neighborhood doesn’t recycle, for example, have you found a recycling center nearby?
  • All of these specifics will up your selling power. You’re giving your clients an invaluable gift by doing the worry-work for them.

Resolution #8: I will be upfront with my clients.

Many agents don’t like discussing the negative aspects of the homebuying process because they don’t want to scare clients away. But if you’re not upfront with your clients, and something goes wrong, they won’t be likely to work with you again or recommend you in the future.

Instead of avoiding the negative, embrace it in a positive light:

  • For every pitfall you mention, provide a potential solution. This will help your clients understand that they’re empowered to make knowledgeable decisions.
  • If the knowledge came from you, they’ll put their trust in you for the long run. Educating about the good and the bad (and even the ugly) can help to establish your reputation as a skilled agent.
  • This year, make a commitment to inform your clients about every aspect of the homebuying process. The market is still competitive — so be sure to explain how negotiations really work, and don’t be afraid to take extra time to go into detail. Because when negotiations happen, they happen quickly.

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