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Should sellers fly solo? 4 reasons it pays to use a realtor [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Share this graphic with any clients who are thinking of selling on their own and foregoing the help of an agent:

  • With all that’s happening in our world, it’s never been more important for clients to have a trusted professional to guide them through a major financial transaction.
  • From navigating negotiations to ensuring safety, having an experienced real estate agent at the ready can provide sellers with peace of mind.
  • Remind clients considering taking on the task of selling their house themselves that you’re available to address concerns, crunch numbers, and discuss their options.

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Do today’s sellers really need a realtor? 4 compelling reasons

With how quickly homes have been selling in today’s rapidly-recovered market — listing for as few as 12 days — many sellers have questions. Are realtors even necessary anymore? With all the info online, can’t I just figure it out by myself?

Some sellers are attracted to listing without a realtor because they get to keep the extra commission. But as agents know, this comes at a price. A seller will then be responsible for all showings, open houses, documentation, disclosures, contract negotiations, counteroffers, and inspection and appraisal coordinations.

When questions come up, use these resources to educate your clients. Along with stellar service, there are at least four big benefits of using a realtor to sell:

1. Save time and make more money.

A seasoned realtor can give a seller the scoop on what’s going on in their local market, beyond what they’ll find on Redfin or Zillow. This is critical for pricing a home to sell profitably, as well as finding a new home at an affordable price. An agent can supply a seller with the estimated price, financing requirements, and expected closing date on the type of home they’re looking for.

On top of the thousands of homes seen online, an agent can also give a seller exclusive access to even more possibilities, including available properties that haven’t been advertised yet.

This has the potential to save weeks of search time. An experienced realtor can weed through properties and only show houses that are an exact match. Likewise, an agent knows what today’s buyers are looking for and can help better present a house for sale to bring a maximum return — netting anywhere from 6 to 35 percent more than selling solo.

2. Avoid legal hassles.

Real estate laws and local regulations are detailed, to put it mildly. No wonder FSBO transactions are down from 19 to just eight percent. This number is the lowest it’s been since the National Association of REALTORS® began recording FSBO statistics in 1981.

Tell your sellers that:

  • Red tape can vary greatly by year and from state to state.
  • Agents are licensed by local boards and held to ethical standards. Because of this, legal complaints can frequently be addressed and handled without hiring expensive attorneys.
  • If a seller doesn’t want to take on the burden of legal research, a realtor can serve as the middleman.

To put it another way, hiring a realtor is like having an interpreter. It could take months or even years to master the encyclopedia of real estate jargon that exists — which makes having an agent to explain the terminology that much sweeter. Knowledge and expertise are some of the main reasons to sell with assistance.

3. Have smoother negotiations.

Thanks to low inventory and skyrocketing buyer demand, today’s market remains competitive. It’s entirely possible for a seller to receive multiple offers within days of listing.

Your clients might appreciate that, by using your services, they’ll be bringing the big guns to the negotiating table. On the other hand, a seller who’s never successfully completed a real estate negotiation and closed on a house before could be inadvertently (or purposely) taken advantage of.

Having an agent on the seller’s side of the table can make a big difference in helping to secure a fair contract. A professional negotiator can play hardball and ensure a seller gets the most profitable deal possible. Forget one detail on the paperwork, and a sale can also be delayed or may fall through altogether.

4. Stay safer.

An experienced agent is always going to put a seller and their family first, especially in light of our current health crisis. But in the case of FSBO, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to monitor and limit who enters a house. Implementing the proper protocols with the help of an agent can protect a seller’s home, health, and belongings.

This can include:

  • Regulating how many people go into a house at once.
  • Sanitizing during and immediately after a showing.
  • Using virtual tours, wherever possible, to keep foot traffic to a minimum.

It’s hard to beat the convenience factor. A seller won’t have to show up every time someone wants to see their house or set up a virtual tour, and they won’t have to market it themselves. They’ll be less stressed with fewer responsibilities. An agent can also recommend a skilled inspector, appraiser, home stager, or repairperson who sticks to COVID-safe standards.

It’s our goal to get your sellers into a new home on time

A great realtor can work seamlessly with a great lender. If you haven’t found a lender partner that gives your clients the five-star service they deserve yet — with a 100-percent commitment to on-time closings — let’s chat. We can also provide you with a co-branded version of this infographic you can share.

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